l37 M3 B3 5P3c1f1C W17h Y0u

*For those who can’t read it, scroll down for the full letter version, thanks!*

L37 m3 5h4r3 50m37h1n6 w17h y0u, 0k4y? 1 7h1nk 7h47 y0u 4r3 4 v3ry 5w337 p3r50n 4nd 1 l1k3 y0u. 1 w4n7 70 5p3nd 7h3 r357 0f my l1f3 w17h y0u bu7 1 d0n’7 kn0w 1f y0u w4n7 70…1 h0n357ly 7h1nk 7h47 y0u d0n’7… 😦

B3c4u5e y0u 7h1nk 7h47 1’m 4 b17 w31rd 4nd cr33py bu7 n0…y4 s33, y0u d0n’7 und3r574nd wh47 17’5 l1k3 t0 b3 1n l0v3 w17h 50m30n3 wh0 d035n’7 l0v3 y0u b4ck!!

1 l0v3 y0u…4nd 1 w4n7 y0u 70 kn0w 7h47 n0 m4773r h0w f4r 4w4y y0u 60…1 w1ll 4lw4y5 b3 w47ch1n6 y0u. Y0ur 3v3ry m0v3m3n7 1 5h4ll m0n170r.

l00k…l1573n…1 d0n’7 c4r3 wh0 y0u 4r3 w17h…1 w1ll ge7 70 y0u wh37h3r y0u l1k3 17 0r n07.

5o 7h1nk 7w1c3 4b0u7 17…4nd b3 c4r3ful w17h wh0 y0u 5p34k…b3c4u5e 1 h4v3 n0 m3rcy f0r 4NYB0DY.


15 7h15 cl34r 3n0u6h f0r y0u….0r d0 1 n33d 70 b3 m0r3 sp3c1f1c?


This was inspired by the stealth game Yandere Simulator. 🙂 which is about a school girl who stalks a boy and kills all girls who want to be with that boy Check it out and learn about it here—> Yandere Simulator  . I honestly love that game…it’s fun xD Probably not for everybody, but give it a chance!

I had the idea that it would be quite original and spooky to write this all using numbers instead of letters, making it complicated to read because why not? Just note that not every letter has it’s number equivalent(?) Lol. Hope ya enjoyed it!!

There are infinite ways of writing, there are many languages out there, codes of all kind. letters ain’t the only way to communicate, ya know? This was supposed to be for yesterdays prompt but, today’s prompt is infinite and I said well…this actually fits the category well if you think about it with all the languages and codes and everything so yeah why not? ^^

I also did this because when I was younger I took a reading test to see in what reading level I would be placed in at school and I thought it was pretty neat and cool 😛

And hope that you deciphered it…. 🙂


1f y0u c4n r34d 7h15, c0n6r47’5! 

For those who couldn’t read it, here’s with all letters:

Let me share something with you, okay? I think that you are a very sweet person and I like you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you but I don’t know if you want to…I honestly think that you don’t… 😦

Because you think that I’m a bit weird and creepy but no…ya see, you don’t understand what It’s like to be in love with someone who doesn’t love you back!!

I love you…and I want you to know that no matter how far away you go…I will always be watching you. Your every movement I shall monitor.

Look…listen…I don’t care who you are with…I will get to you whether you like it or not.

So think twice about it…and be careful with who you speak…because I have no mercy for ANYBODY.

Is this clear enough for you….or do I need to be more specific?


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