Escape From the Flee


Baby, baby don’t cry now.

I’m so sorry that I had to go, but it was my time, oh.

Sorry, sorry, I gotta go, I don’t know what’s ahead of me, help.

I need you to lead me through my escape from my flee, please do so with your voice, not with your tears.

I will need the help of all the family, need the help of all the friends.

I thought I said before I fled from your side, that I didn’t want roses and white flowers around me, never.

Please do not forget about me, and lead me through this storm of vicious wind and darkness.

My  legs and feet all are I need to get me through, but that’s a lie I need your faith.

With an Ave Maria I can hear you whisper in the wind, leading me to the end.

My escape from my own flee, my escape to the real life.

I fled from your side, I fled from your mothers side, I fled from your brothers side, oh.

But do not worry baby because I fled to escape this life, to go on living way up high.

It’s to give you a better life, I promise to protect you and to always watch over you.

Tonight’s the night, that I left.

Tonight’s the night, that I fled from this world.

Trains and storms and seas of salt pouring down on everybody’s face, but do not cry, I am always here.

Now I’m escaping, this dark realm in which I am being judged, but with your help, I will go on, my feet will help me get to the end, I know they will.

Heavens gate open, light is in the atmosphere.

“Come with me”, says the Virgin Mary, the mother of me and all of us.

In her arms I rest, her soft hands and hair so beautiful, she takes me with her to see the rest.

Mom, dad, sweetheart and brother, they are all hear with me, we are watching and caring for you.

Josseline my precious girl, Brandon my strong, great boy, please take care of my daughter.

I will always be here watching you, I will visit you in your dreams.

Say hello to Britney for me please.

It was a pleasure meeting you all, now I am here and I need your help, please console and take care of my family for me, please.

In your dreams and in life I will manifest, always watching over you, so baby please don’t cry no more.

Carmen is the name I was given at birth, Carmen is the name that God called out on Friday.

I had a great flee, I had a great escape.

Thank you for the life you gave me.

Dedicated to Mrs. Carmen, my best friends grandma who passed away this Friday. She was like a grandma to me as well, such a great, strong and happy woman. 





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