Teachers DO Have a Favorite Student: Teacher’s Pet

Remember when your teacher said that he or she doesn’t prefer some students more than others? Well, they lied. Teachers do have their favorites and their least favorites.

So, in my time in school, I’ve always been that one student who teachers get attached to, mostly in Middle School and right now in High School. Am I currently a teachers pet? Not really. Do some teachers seem to like me more? Yep.

But, why? What is it that makes teachers take notice of some students? Well, I think I know.

It’s because they stand out the most to them.

Is it the looks? No. Smartness? Nope. Popularity? Nuh-uuuh! Grades? Pffft. Money? Omg. Okay okay I get it, but what is it then?

I honestly don’t know.

What? I know I said I knew and I do, its because some stood out the most to them. Why do they stand out the most? I don’t know. Some students just create a nice relationship with their teachers.

Whether if it’s their simplicity, their quirkiness, their intelligence, their shyness, how outgoing they are,  whatever. But if a teacher seems to like you more than others, feel special about it.

Yes, the others will feel jealous, but it’s not your fault, okay?

Is it wrong to have a favorite? Yes, yes it is. Should you not? Well, that depends on the teacher. Do they have a favorite? Of course they do. All teachers have one, even if they don’t admit it.

Honestly, I don’t really see a problem with that unless if the Sensei isn’t treating everybody else the same way as his or her favorite student(s). No matter what, the teacher must always treat everybody the same way, with the same respect.

Sure, they can be more friendly with others or seem to talk more to certain students, but as long as they don’t treat the rest like crap, it’s alright. Or some teachers just stick to after school or class to chat with their favorite students, not mixing their relationships with their work that much, ya’ know? As long as everybody is being given the same chances, the same education, the same respect, it’s all okay.




Btw, glad to be posting again! ^^ Finally, after two busy and long weeks of school, it’s finally over! These two last weeks were my last weeks of 3rd semester in high school. This was a great semester.
Can’t wait to enter my 4th semester! 🙂




3 thoughts on “Teachers DO Have a Favorite Student: Teacher’s Pet

  1. It was an awesome read…n i totally empathise wid being d teacher’s pet despite having no qualities….hehe
    Just one correction though sry….i may b mistaken but shouldnt it be Sensei instead of Senpai??? I might b wrong but pls check dat out…..😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ^^ I don’t see much in me either but things happen for a reason, ya’ know? Your teacher saw something in you that made you stand out to them ❤

      Omg, I just laughed at my own mistake xD After all these animes! Thanks for letting me know!

      Liked by 1 person

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