Sleepless Night with Me

So, it’s 1:19 am right now and I have nothing to do.

All my friends are asleep, I already binge watched YouTube videos, watched about 3 films on Netflix and now I’m left sitting here in front of my laptop while my TV is on. And you know what? I’m sleepy. But I don’t want to sleep, not just yet…

So, I said “hey I haven’t posted on my blog in a while so why not post something?” and now I’m here typing every single word that comes to my mind like if I were to be having another one of my imaginary conversations because yes, I do talk with myself and imagine having conversations with people that will possibly never happen. They do say that creative people are the weird and crazy ones. Is this really my creativity in it’s highest potential? No. This time It’s not me being creative, it’s me being tired. I should go to bed.

BUUT like how a motivation speaker once said at a school conference that was held at my school, “Sleep is for the weak”. Is it true? Is it really for the weak? Or is it really for people who actually do need it? Or have to sleep? Or want to?

You know what’s cool? That I said that I’m typing every single word that comes to my mind, and it’s true, except for that one line I just erased, and that comma, and I just misspelled misspelled. But you can’t tell because I fixed it.

I’m bored.





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