Artificial is a Lifestyle


What’s it like to be artificial?

it’s not that someone is artificial,

It’s their life.

But, how did they get artificial?

It’s easy to get artificial!

Society,  problems, you know the drill.

Just…wanting to fit it.

Wishing it so badly.

Some people’s only way out of their true world…

Is to be artificial in every word.

In every look.

In every gesture.

But, can you stop being artificial, live another lifestyle?

Yes you can. Everybody can.

Is it easy? Probably.

Depends on everyone.

Some are too afraid to change their lifestyles, others are not because they know that they want.

In this case, artificial people are the ones who are afraid.

Part of their artificial lifestyle is to be insecure on the inside.

To not know what they want.

Or maybe they do know, but once again, too afraid.

So, how do they leave?

I don’t know.

But what I do know, is that it’s not easy.

How do you know if you’re artificial?

Some people notice it themselves.

Whether if they started it or realized it after starting.

They can notice and start themselves, it’s not really societies fault.

But another thing about being artificial is that everything is societies fault.

And who knows, maybe it is?

I don’t think so.

As a person who is not artificial, society has nothing to blame.

We are the ones who change, who do what we want to feel good.

To feel right.

To feel that we belong.

Not society.

Nobody is forcing us.

Only we are forcing ourselves into believing that they are forcing us into it.

But they’re not.

Does that make sense?

I don’t know.

I don’t know many things.

But what I do know,

Is that I am not artificial.

I don’t care what people say, what my parents think, it’s my life.

Not theirs.

So that’s why, artificial is not a lifestyle choice for me.

I’m just too careless to even notice people and their hate.

But others live off people, ya know?

They walk down the street looking at everybody just to see if they are looking at them.

Trying to impress everyone.

But in reality, everybody is just ignoring them.

Nobody cares in the end.

So that’s why, you should think about it.

Is artificial really a lifestyle choice for you?

Or shall I ask,

Are you already artificial?




3 thoughts on “Artificial is a Lifestyle

  1. Hi Karuchan! I just happened to see your blog from Benjamin’s thread about the Community Pool. Anyway, I love your About page, and this post is great!

    Looking forward to more posts from you, and maybe I’ll browse your older posts when I’m all up and cozy in some blankets. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Haha funny how my friend texted me about inventors building real life androids a few days ago and now you’re writing about people being “Artificial”.

    To me, life is life. Even insects. Yeah, imagine the scale, the number of life that’s currently out your window on this planet. You, me, WE are just 2 of the ZILLION lifeforms out there.

    Just picture this, you’re an ant in an ant colony. Out there, many other colonies exists, so does many different types of ants, several other insect species, plants and even animals. Holy cow. How insignificant are we when we look at life this way, right? I remember looking down on land whilst on the airplane, thinking to myself:

    Wow, right now, I am up here. Down there, a group of construction worker is working, another side of the land is a car driving and somewhere off the distance, a flock of birds are flying together. At this moment, so many things are happening in this world yet, I don’t exactly feel it.

    Then, I literally imagined myself transferring my soul into the bodies of one of the construction workers, then the driver, and the bird consecutively. Really felt like life is like a vast pool of discovery. There’s so many things happening and CAN happen to us which, we just need to get out to discover!

    Okay so, back to our human lifestyle context lol.

    My opinion anyway- I wouldn’t call anyone artificial unless they put up a fake front towards EVERYONE to hide something or please others WITH a hidden agenda. For example, a person selling something presumably good and keeps smiling and all to garner trust but in actuality, the product is either harmful or totally ineffective.

    That’s a question of morality. The plastic smile and act is truly artificial.

    When it comes down to pleasing ppl (Without hidden agenda) though, honestly, I think there’s nothing wrong with it. Granted, some would find it dumb that ppl pleasers keep on doing things for others when they don’t really want to but the thing is, there ARE others who does it because it makes them happy.

    It’s a life choice 🙂

    For those who aren’t intentional ppl pleasers though, they gotta know what’s the cause of their mindset and behavior. It’s not that they are “Artificial” but they are either insecure in life or confused lol. Whatever it is, to me, it wouldn’t be right to call them artificial cause they are just ppl who wants to be noticed.

    Now, ppl with hidden agendas, those are the true artificial ppl. And of course, in future, the androids too XD

    But honestly though, lets say the androids do gain consciousness in future, how would you label them then?
    Think Transformers, Baymax (Big Hero 6) or even DragonBall Androids. I think I’ll see them as humans as well hahaha!

    Your pal,


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