I’m Not Guilty of Your Crime

I disagree with you.

I don’t care if you’re right or wrong.

I still disagree.

And I will keep on doing so.

No, I don’t want to know!

Because I didn’t do it.

No, I don’t know what your talking about!

Because I wasn’t there.

No, I don’t know who this person is.

Because I have never seen him before.

I will not say that I did something that I know I didn’t do.

Why is she crying?

Is it because she disagrees with me?

Or me with her?

Should I ask?

I can try, but she will disagree in my decision to talking to her.

Because apparently…

She says that I did it.

But I disagree.

And now I’m in court.

I disagree in me having to stay in a jail cell overnight.

I disagree on having to wear this awful orange outfit.

I disagree on me with handcuffs.

For the 100th time, I didn’t do it.

I don’t know who he was.

I don’t know where he was at the time of the crime.

I know I have the DNA.

I know I have the weapons.

But I didn’t do it.

And that girl over there?

She disagrees with me.

And me with her.


If it’s one thing I 100% agree on…

It’s that I know who did it.

She did it.

But who would agree with the prisoner?

Who would believe that the innocent, rich girl did it?

Who would believe that such a kind soul would frame me for murder?

Who would believe that those beautiful green eyes killed her fiance?

I don’t know.

All I do know.

Is that I disagree with everything and everyone.

And I will keep on doing so.

Because I didn’t do it.

I disagree with you.

Case closed.






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