Art of The Week- Week #1

Here is the long awaited art of the week! So the first ever art of the week that I bring you is this drawing by my best friend Madison over at cooly_kid666 on Instagram. I felt like the first art of the week should be hers since I find her work very unique and I just love it.
Feel free to check out more of her work!

Want to participate in art of the week? Click here! to visit the post in which I explain what this is and how it works.

Send in your work at and set the subject as “Art of The Week”. All type of art is welcomed! Photography, paintings, drawings, everything!

So get creative, send in your work and you may appear as the art of the week and may win as the art of the month. Both art of the week and art of the month will appear on my blog front page. ^^

Thanks, and see ya next week with another work or art!


5 thoughts on “Art of The Week- Week #1

    1. Yeah, I love her. xD Sadly I haven’t had the time to update my blog, including this art of the week spot I have on here :/ I’ve been too busy, and I haven’t chosen an art image to display which I want to do this weekend! Ugh, I hate not getting work done on my blog, it makes me feel incomplete because I know that I have to do it but I’m not doing it 😦
      I have an Instagram account but I don’t really use it :v I’m not the type to post pictures daily xD

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