The Elegance in A Cat

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“Elegance wanted a life and a body, so it transformed into a cat.”

The Elegance in a cat.

It comes in it’s blood.

It’s part of it’s nature.

So majestic.

So graceful.

How it walks.

How it gazes up at you.

You are not the cat’s owner, you are his worker.

His slave.

He is a royalty.

You just work for him.

How it sways it’s tail back and forth whenever you do something that makes it mad.

How it walks with it’s tail rising high in the air, indicating pride and happiness.

Oh, your cat bit you?

It’s because he doesn’t want your dirty hands all over it’s already cleansed and brushed fur.

The elegance in a cat.

It’s whiskers, it’s paws, it’s tail, it’s ears, it’s meow, it’s everything.

There is a reason why I love cats.

And that reason in because they are elegant.

They must be treated like the king or queen.

But in the end,

The love of cat,

Is it’s gratitude towards your hard work that you put into him.

When it meows outside your bedroom door at 3:00 am until you get up and caress it.

When you get home and feed him and he rubs his little head against your feet.

When you’re doing your homework and it decides to sleep on your keyboard.

When they hunt down that pesky mouse that’s been raiding your kitchen.

That’s how the cat pays back.

Even though your cat still hates you.

But the cat still wants to receive your attention.

Your admiration towards it.

Cats don’t love you, they only tolerate you.

Even though they do secretly love you.

But if they admit to their love towards you completely, it will ruin their image.

Oh, but how adorable little creatures they are.

Filled with such cuteness, such classiness..

Such elegance.


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