Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello! It’s me again. Today I am here to announce that I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! It’s not everyday that someone reads your work and considers it to be perfect for a Blogger award. So I appreciate it and much thanks!

so I was nominated by Lovelyricism being described as a “Somehow a puzzling teenage blogger that blogs about teenage life” and honestly, I couldn’t agree more. I mean, It’s what I am, and I loved how she set me as “somehow puzzling”, I especially loved that. xD

Thank you for nominating me!

So anyways, here are the rules for the nomination:

  • Write a post so as to show your award.
  • Thank the people/person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions from your nominators.
  • Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.

And yeah, that’s it! Pretty easy, right? So without further or do, let’s answer some Q’s with some A’s! 

1.- The most adventurous trip you have ever been to and with whom?

Idk, I don’t really take epic trips to other countries and beaches and stuff BUT the most adventurous would have to be when I moved from the United States to Mexico. :3

2.- Any dream vacation place?

Yes, I would love to visit Singapore and get on the Singapore Flyer and visit it’s lovely attractions and beaches. I would also love to visit the U.K., mostly England because that’s where the queen is (like if I’m ever going to me near her). Also South Korea since it’s makeup products do attract my curiosity and visit Love Land while I’m at it, I’ll let you google Love Land….But that place would make for a great but very awkward family vacation photo shoot….
I would also love to visit India, Brazil and  Barbados.

3.- What’s your dream date (your would be lover as well as where are you gonna take him/her) gonna be like?

My dream date would be something like a fancy dinner with my lover, after the dinner we would go out for a walk in a park and find some swings and just swing on them and end the day with laying down on the grass and star gazing, another dream date would be going to a Slipknot, Asking Alexandria, Pierce the Veil or Green Day concert. I would say My Chemical Romance concert but…*sigh* Good stuff never last, do they?

4.- Reading books or watching movie adaptations?

Depends, it really depends. Like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series and movie adaptations. I loved the books and when I found out about the movie(s) I was really excited for it and I was not disappointed by the movie(s), some things were missing from it (obviously) but I did enjoy them, meanwhile, the Twilight movies were just awful in my opinion, which made me not interested in the reading the books.
Which is when the bad part comes in, when the movie is bad, then people won’t be interested in reading the books. Then again this is my opinion.

5.- List 5 of your favorite movies of all the time. .
I know it asks for 5, but I’m throwing in 6 because I just can’t decide what movies I like the best!
-Corpse Bride
– Jeepers Creepers
-Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
-Edward Scissorhands
Notice how most of them are from Tim Burton? I love his work.

6.- Your favorite author and why?

I will have to go with R.L. Stine. R.L. Stine was my childhood and thanks to him I got into reading at such a young age. I was fascinated by his horror books, they were the BOMB. They were my shit back then just…oh my god. I read every single one of the Goosebumps books and I loved them and I still do. I had the majority of the books, but the ones that I didn’t own I would go and check them out at the library. I remember that I would go to a thrift shop and go to the book section and just grab about  2 books every single time I went and the guy who would work there at the cash register once gave me a Goosebumps book for free, I will never forget that. Or I would go to yard sales ( a.k.a. garage sales) and just look for them.
I fucking love those books. xD Such a great author in my opinion.

7.- Your topmost favorite book and why?

Despite me being a huge fan of the Goosebumps franchise, my favorite book would have to be “Finally” by Wendy Mass. “Finally” is a book about a girl who can’t wait to turn 12 years old, since at that age she can get her ears pierced, get a phone, shave her legs, wear contact lenses and other things. Well…when she turns 12, she starts to do them but everything goes terribly wrong.  That book just shows that when you really desire something and can’t wait for it and when you have the possibility to do them/ have it, that you shouldn’t be greedy and that you should be patient! Or else things can go wrong.

8.- Apart from reading books, what else do you have interest in?

I love to draw. I have been drawing ever since the age of about 9 or 10, self taught. I enjoy drawing realistic anime. From the abilities of drawing of painting, I learned to do many other things. I have an interest in makeup, fashion design/ styling and tattoos. I see the human body as a living canvas. It is a temple that we can decorate however we want. We can adorn our hair with colors and haircuts, our faces with makeup, our body with tattoos, clothes and jewelry of all type. Remember that the life is yours, so do what you want and don’t let people control you and your style. You are unique! SO EMBRACE THAT UNIQUENESS! *flips table*
I also love to dance. 🙂

9.- If, given a chance, which book’s ending would you like to re-write & why?

None. I love a book no matter what the ending. Yes some books leave me disappointed but I appreciate the book no matter how disappointing the ending was.

10.- Do you see yourself as an aspiring author?

Sure! I have my hopes and dreams. I would love to get my words out there to the public, I want to get people motivated and inspired to do what they want and accomplish it, so my blog is a way of doing it! It is a way of getting my words out there to everyone all over the world. 🙂

11.- One quote that sums up your whole life!

Life is the cat’s meow? xD I don’t know, I’m not so sure with this one!

So there are my questions answered! So now I shall leave the nominated blogs, some of them being new to me and others that have been with me for a while, but no matter how long I’ve known them, these are the ones that stand out the most to me: 

1.- Project Believe in Yourself– A blog ran by my good friend Benjamin, this blog is a community that is trying to make a difference and make the world a better place and help out those in need. 🙂

2.-Georgie Moon-Third Time Lucky! This is a blog that I really enjoy because it is something very cool to me, a woman tells her stories and shares her photos of her life living aboard a boat and sailing. Isn’t that a wonder?

3.- Theblackwallblog-Fighting depression, PTSD, anxiety and much more.

4.-Manvsloneliness– A blog about a man who is fighting loneliness by committing to 365 days of un-commitment, like, as in being in a relationship.

5.- Sprinkle of Thoughts– A young lady who searches to inspire people through her words that are filled with expression and help people out.

6.- Fountain– A blog about many different things, but they are all great! Really enjoy this one. =^w^=

7.- Toofulltowrite– A creative palace for authors, blogger, photographers, etc. can find help and inspiration! Very useful resources and very nice articles.

8.- The Darkest Fairytale– I think this blog is very unique, it has poems, but with a touch of darkness. Very creative and meaningful poems.

9.- A Writer In Sight– A blog that is still small, but big in content. Creative writing, photography, music and much much more. Why not give it a go?

10.- Kenzieequinn– A blog I have recently been checking out, so far I’m enjoying it!

11.- Optimisticdreamtraveler– A girl from India that is the same age as me, but more interesting. xD She is a poet and a writer. Her blog aims at self improvement, being optimistic, and to become a better person.

And here are my 11 questions for these 11 bloggers:

1.- How would you describe yourself?

2.- If you could visit any place in the world, what places would you visit?

3.- Top 5 favorite songs!

4.- Top 5 favorite video games! And if you don’t have any, then your top 5 favorite books!

5.- How do you see/imagine yourself in 20 years?

6.- What are you doing or what will you do to achieve it?

7.-Why did you start a blog?

8.- If you could invent something, what would it be?

9.- What color do you think most represents you and why?

10.- What are your hobbies?

11.- Favorite food?

And there we have it. 🙂 

That is all for now. Thanks for the nomination once again, really appreciate it and hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading. 

I got the image from: which I found from lovelyricism’s blog post: Lovelyricism-sunshine blogger awards


6 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Congrats bud!

    If you ever come to Singapore, I’ll take you to these places and more! Visiting England and the Queen though? Heh I believe that can be arranged. Imagine if we can plan a little mission to make our way over just to see her. It’ll be an adventure 😉

    Though I do wonder if you’d scare and give her a heart attack when we do meet her hahaha you little rascal.

    No idea what Love Land is and ain’t gonna look it up lol.

    Thanks for the nomination btw! Not sure if I’d have time to do it though and I’ll be honest, I actually got a few nominations but don’t have time to complete them cause y’know, the number of questions lol.

    Oh also, an FYI- I did NOT receive any notification of the nomination by WordPress that you’ve linked your post to my site so I suggest that you go to each of your nominated bloggers and leave them a comment with this posts’ link to let them know. At least inform them of the nomination bud.

    Talk again soon bud. Cool to know you listen to Green Day too 😉
    At one point, they were a major part of my life and I still listen to them. Awesome band.

    Your pal,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol looks like I already found a tour guide. xD That reminds me of this movie in which there’s and impostor queen and this guy discovers that so he waits for her to go into her bedroom and then attacks her but the queen that she attacked was the real one xD
      It would be quite the adventure. ^^
      Don’t google it…unless if your feeling curious. 😀 If it were me then I would have already googled it :v
      Sure, don’t worry about it. I also have this other award that I haven’t done and I have yours that I don’t know if I should do since I found out about it waaaaay later on due to the same thing about the pingbacks but whatever I will do it! I promised I would so I will! I don’t like to break a promise
      Sure, I’ll make sure to visit them and let them know! Thanks for telling me!
      I can jam out to Green Day any day at any time like when I got in trouble for jamming out to Britney Spears at 3:00 in the morning 😛
      Take care. ^^

      Liked by 1 person

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