Style is A Virtue: What Makes you Stylish?

What makes you stylish?

Is it the hair?

Is it the clothes?

Is it the accessories?

Pfft, nah.

Then was it it then?

I’m a stylish girl.

And I can assure you,

That it is none of that.

I mean yes, it is part of it.

But the main thing that makes you stylish is:


Be yourself, and it will be okay.

Don’t be scared, it will be fine.

Just wear whatever you want.

Whatever makes you feel good.

Oh, and do it for YOU, not for others.

Find what makes YOU unique.

Find your style!

And I promise you, that you will be stylish.

What makes you stylish is your uniqueness.

You don’t have to follow fashion trends to be stylish.

Fashion trends just come and go.

But your own personal style? That one stays with you forever.

It just simply evolves/ changes from time to time.

But it will never leave.

Be yourself, be confident, be unique.

And you will be granted with style.

Style is a virtue, practice it.

Wear whatever you want.

Don’t feel bad, don’t feel ashamed, don’t feel embarrassed.

Don’t let the hate and judgement get to you in a bad way, let it get to you in a good way.

Oh boy, how awesome does it feel to turn heads on the streets when walking by.

And it feels even better when you hear and/or see people murmuring things about you.

Because the hate translates to jealousy.

Jealousy because you are slaying that look.

So why not give it a go?

Boost up your style!

Boost up your confidence.

Remember that what YOU like…

Is what will make you beautiful.

Be stylish, be yourself.

And you will be granted with style.


No one is  professional at being stylish.

Because style doesn’t have a rule.

Don’t worry, if it’s one thing I know best, it’s style.

Advice given by me,

2fancy4meA stylish girl.



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