Let’s Go Hiking

Hike up the mountain.

Let’s see what we can find!

On our way, throw the trail mix!

We don’t want to get lost.

Careful with the rocks and sticks, you can trip and fall off a cliff.

Hiking up the mountain together.

Left foot right foot left foot right foot…

Here, hold my hand, I’ll help you up this high trail.

The air is getting colder.

Let’s set up a tent.

Start a fire.

And hug each other.

But don’t get the wrong idea,

I do not love you.

So why don’t we end our little hike here?

Here, I’ll kick you down the steep trail I helped you up.

And I ate all the trail mix.

So good luck getting back to reality,

As you will be here for a while.

I hope you trip over the rocks and sticks on the way.

I hope you think about me all day and cry about me all night.

As you sleep alone sitting under a tree.

Sitting in the cold, cold wind.

Embracing yourself.

Because I won’t embrace you.

“We’re only friends!”

Yeah, but you were the one who decided to leave.

And get lost within me.

So let’s take a hike.

But this time you will go alone.

Since I went up friendship mountain.

But you decided to go further.

I’m sorry, but I’m not stupid.

I will not cause my own suffering,

But you’re a bit dumb, you can die out there.

So in the end, I’m worrying about you.

Maybe I do like you?

Nah, I don’t.

I’m sorry for playing around with your emotions.

But I love to see how your dark eyes twinkle.

And how you would smile…

And how your cheeks would turn red…

And the feeling of your soft hands…

And the look of innocence in your face…

How beautiful.

Hmm, maybe I do like you.

Well, I’ll accept it.

And I’ll go on a hike with you.

Beyond our friendship.

So I’ll take in bravery

And go to you.

…Oh dear.

I forgot you left.

Oh, but I want to be with you now.

Oh no, you went home without me.

You found your way out!

I’ll just follow the trail mix-

I ate it.

It’s getting cold.

So I’ll just stay here under this tree and sleep,

Hoping that you will come back for me.

I love you, I’m so sorry for turning you down.

I love you, I’m so sorry for always neglecting you,

When you were always there for me.

Standing next to me and always keeping an eye on me, not like other people.

I’m sorry for being rude to you, I’m sorry for playing around with you, I’m sorry for ignoring you, I’m sorry for not helping you, I’m sorry for using you.

You were always the one that was there for me.

And I was stupid.

I was blind.

I wasn’t paying attention.

It is true what they say-We are all paying attention to everyone except for that one person.

And now I beg you to come back.

I have tripped over sticks and stones.

But I still have hope that you will come back for me.

Please forgive me.

Please come back.

I need you now.

Like how you needed me.


I need you to take me home.

So I’ll just sit here and wait.

Wait for you to come to me.

Just like how you came to me in silence.

And never told me a thing until now.

I’ll just wait here under this tree.

In the cold.

What is this?

It’s a raisin from the trail mix.


And suddenly,

I know you’re thinking about me.


Love sucks.

I hate you.

But I also can’t forget about you.

Oh well, I always knew you weren’t for me.

So let’s just stay as friends.

But don’t hold my hand anymore.

Don’t hug me anymore.

Go and hug your true lover.

Because I was never too good for you, was I?

“I love you”, yeah, sure.

Oh well, I hope you’re happy.

I’ll just let you be happy, ok?

And I won’t get in your way anymore.

So we can just end it all here.


Love sucks.

I wish I had the courage to tell you.

I wish you the best,

Have fun.





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