I don’t Know What to Write About Help

I don’t know what to write about. Sometimes I just sit here and say “Well time to write my imagination!” Other days I say “Well time to write about my life!” and then days like these I just sit here and say “Well…now what?”

And I just stare at my screen for like 5 minutes and then go to YouTube and watch some videos, then go on Facebook and chat with friends, then I google stuff and then I come back on WordPress and find an Empty space in which I should be writing.

I mean, I don’t really know what to write about to be honest, I don’t have much interesting things to talk about that happened recently, this weeks daily prompts weren’t as amusing to me ( no offence to anyone who did find them amusing, good for you! ) and well, I don’t know.

I mean, I do have my days that I get on here and I feel motivated

“Today I’m going to sit in front of my computer and write about something because I feel inspired! Motivated! Creative!”

And then there’s days that I feel like writing but I don’t know what to write about or how

“I feel Inspired and motivated…but what do I do?”

And then there’s day that I try

“Hmm…lets see…my friend is a vegan I can write about that!…No, too lame. Or maybe about my essay that I haven’t done!…Eh.”

And then I type in something


And press that backspace key

“Mmmm..no, not feeling it, not feeling this last line I just typed.”

And then I erase everything.

“Oh..guess I wasn’t feeling any of the lines.”

And then I’m just left alone with my empty thoughts.



But oh well, in the end, looks like my own writers block gave me something to write about, right?

I mean, I did just sit here and type all this in.

So in the end, I guess I do know what to write about!

….Eh, but I still don’t get it.

What exactly DID I write about?

Did I just write about how I can’t write anything even though I just did write about something?

I don’t know.

Oh well, there’s a movie at 6:00 on T.V.

I got invited to a house party yesterday, I could have gone and came back with some crazy story.

But no, I didn’t go, because I went out with my family. Because family is important.

And homework, but I ignored it all day. And now I don’t wanna do it.

Well, that was it for today and uh…yeah.

Stay in school, don’t do drugs, call your mom, visit your siblings, take your kids out to a park, take your girlfriend for a ride, read books, be responsible, use protection when having sex, remember to feed your dog, or cat, go out, have some fun, hang out with friends, make new friends, watch a movie, play a board game, do exercise, go to the doctors, buy a cake, or a pizza, go vegan, go to the beach, take swimming lessons, or cooking, or art, or photography lessons, or whatever, hunt down a vampire, or meet a ghost, or try to astral project, or invent something, ,believe in yourself, you can do it.

Just remember to say: “thanks for a new day!” Because remember that each day is another blessing, so don’t forget to give thanks and appreciate it and appreciate what you have.

Oh well, turns out I wrote about more than one topic.

…Now what?



16 thoughts on “I don’t Know What to Write About Help

  1. Hahah. You know it’s interesting that there will come a point when all bloggers hit this proverbial stumbling block and I always enjoy reading how they all handle it. It makes you very self-aware of your writing though and your voice since you end up usually writing down your train of thought. I haven’t hit it yet but I’ve got plenty of good examples to refer back to! Thanks.

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    1. It really is! Some may think that blogging is easy, but it can get tough every now and then. Honestly that is what I just did, I just simply wrote down everything I was thinking of. I tried writing about upcoming celebrations in my country, then about something that happened in my weekend, and nothing felt right, I just didn’t like it so I gave up on that and decided to start writing everything that I was feeling and well, there you have it! I did indeed come very self-aware of my voice and thoughts a lot with this post. Well feel lucky-because it ain’t that easy! Thanks to you too. 🙂

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      1. Luckily a lot of my posts are guided since I started writing for a very specific reason. Aspect of dating or not dating or being alone or missing someone, BOOM post for the day. But there are some days when for better or for worse, I’m not constantly hounded by my relationship status and then it’s like…I better watch a movie or something. Hahah. Out of curiosity, do you ever check the daily prompts for inspiration?


    1. The only sexy, beautiful and intelligent person I know is ME! XD The only difference is that I’m not charming, I’m adorable according to most people. XD
      Eh I can still write a whole post about you, or anybody, I’ve already written about people.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha I’m sure you are little one 😉

        Perhaps I’ll let you write about me in future, on the condition that you make me sound like the badass that I am >:)

        Okay I just got an idea. How about we write a “Fanfiction” story for each other LOL.
        We each build a story on each other based on what we know so far about each other-

        OR, we write whatever we want- creating a whole new world for each other.

        E.g. You can write about me waking up one day being a vampire and how I go about dealing with my new life as ppl around me starts calling me “Edward” and “Cullen”.
        It seems that I’ve gained the ability to make my eyes sparkle too. Sweet hehe.

        And I can write about you suddenly waking up inside a Tall Tower, trapped with no exit except for a window.

        Suddenly you hear something from outside the window “Karuchan, Karuchan, let your hair down so that I may climb thy golden hair!”

        You look at your hair and realized it’s super long and golden. Woah!
        So the question next- Are you going to let your hair of epic length down as requested?
        (Yes, we can make it interactive too! Y’know what I mean?)

        I think it’s going be fun.
        If you’re piqued by this idea, let me know and I’ll email you more on how we can do this. If you’ve got ideas of your own, feel free to share it here or on email too 😉

        Your pal,

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      2. Sounds fun x3
        But I don’t think I would look good with blonde hair o: Well, maybe it would since light hair colors really bring out dark skin tones, especially natural tans like me 😛 The sun is strong, yo! But my current hair color is cherry red :3 so, I think that extremely long, red hair would go best for the story! xD
        Them twilight movies, never got through one completely. :/ but sure you can be a vampire x3
        Sounds fun so, why not?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’ve never seen Twilight as well actually. I just thought ALL Teenage women did. And you’re a teen 😛

        Hahaha and I was only giving examples. You do realize that I was quoting Rapunzel, right?

        I know for a fact that I can’t be a vampire. With my already epic charm- I’d get all the ladies. It just wouldn’t be fair for the other men :-O

        You however, Miss Cherry Red Hair, fit the role perfectly. Ohh hohoho I can already see you terrorizing the townsfolk with your Yandere deathstare LOL

        I will write to you on this story thing soon via email. Till then, try not to bore yourself to death 😉

        Your pal,

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      4. Wow, I like your stereotype about teen women. .-. No boo, not all teen girls enjoy Twilight, I’m one of them. xD The only Twilight movie I enjoyed was the parody movie they made about it. It was stupid and awful but in a way that makes you laugh, likes my jokes. xD The actual movies don’t entertain me at all. :c
        Yes I know you were quoting Rapunzel. xD
        So you are an anime vampire? Seems legit. xD
        Hahahha xD That would be fun. :3
        Alright, I’ll be waiting. x3 No don’t worry, it’s not easy for me to get bored, and if I do then I always start getting lost in my thoughts or draw or something. 🙂
        Take care, mate! 🙂

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      5. Omg that anime was my first anime .o. Well, it was the one that got me into it. 🙂 Aido was my fave character out of everyone. :v
        I will, ttyl!
        Btw, I registered on your forum… .o.
        take care!

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      6. I watched it back in 2009 and I still have hope for a third season xD But for now I’m watching (again) Death Note on T.V. every Saturday at 1:00 am on the Horror channel alone in my living room in the dark laying down on my couch with my cat sleeping next to me and my iPad on the floor and being to lazy to pick it up to answer messages so I just stretch my hand and try to tap on the letters with the tip of my fingers :v
        That is what I do on a Saturday night.
        Alright, see ya later, bud!

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      7. No kidding?! Following the upcoming Death Note 2 movie, I’m currently watching Death Note (The Live action series) with my brother to get into the mood of DN again lol!

        It’s surprisingly good and better than the movie that first came out before it- Definitely a recommended watch!

        Alright, you have a good night. Don’t crush your cat too. Ciao!

        Your pal,

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