Can You Buy Me A Cake?

I wanna eat some cake.

But I’m poor and can’t afford to buy one.

Student loans, yo.

It’s tough nowadays.

I mean, I could go buy a slice but the city is 15 minutes away.

Hey you, yeah you.

You, the one reading this, yes, you?

Can you buy me some cake?

I don’t know, you can like, probably email it to me?

Aw c’mon! Hey-NO. Don’t look away!

Don’t say “What? I wasn’t paying attention.”

Uh-uh no. I know you heard me.

I know you have money, I saw you buying at the grocery store today.

I saw you at the gas station.

Don’t come with that excuse that you have no money!

Oo~! The ice cream man!

Wait up I’m gonna buy some Ice cream.

You want one? Oh, sorry I don’t have anymore money.

Wait up I need to buy a bag of popcorn and a pack of sodas for me and my friends.

Just wait here, okay? I’ll be right back.

Hey look I bought this totally useless pack of glow in the dark stickers and a water purifier!

Oh I also bought this paper tree that grows paper flowers when you water it and then it dies in 3 days because it’s just paper.

Now, can you buy me a cake?

Aw, really?! Thanks!

Wow, it’s chocolate! My favorite!


I kinda don’t want the cake anymore.

Can you buy me a pizza?

Hey..where you going!?

Don’t leave me here..! 😦

I thought we had something special!

Fine, don’t buy me a pizza!

Greedy bitch.

*Based on one of my friends who is always asking me for money even though he has money.*




8 thoughts on “Can You Buy Me A Cake?

  1. I understand the pain, student loans eh? haha, guess we both need someone to buy us cake 😛

    I really like this though, it’s like a random stream of consciousness that feels very genuine and believable that someone is talking to you. I’ve written something like this myself (unintentional shameless self-promotion) and it’s probably one of the things I’ve most enjoyed writing in a long time. Great stuff 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep! Them student loans and the times I need to be asking my friends for money so that I can get back home. 😛 Well I wanted to try something new this time and tried to create a connection with the readers. Eh don’t worry about the self promotion, I don’t mind it and sometimes like it since It feels like an invite to visit someones blog and well, I like that. XD
      Btw sorry for the late reply, I got my internet connection cut off since I didn’t pay my bills because well…student loans? XD 🙂
      Thanks for reading!


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