When I See Her

When I see her, I start to shiver.

How she doesn’t look at anyone on her way, she just keeps on going forward.

She never stops, she just keeps on going.

She turns heads, makes people sweat, their pupils enlarge.

She is the one who makes our world stumble and shiver.

When I see her coming my senses respond quickly.

I can feel her.

I can feel the look in her eyes, looking straight at me.

Her empowering voice, how it echos throughout the room and sends a tingle down my spine.

When I am close to her I feel nervous.

I always keep my eyes on her.

We all do.

She always catches our attention.

She, is the one and only Alma to us.

Alma, means soul in Spanish.

And damn, what a soul.

She makes us sweat.







She makes the world’s earthquakes with every step.

But in the end, I admire her.

She, is my programming teacher.

And we are all scared of her.

Oh, Alma.


So this is dedicated to my programming teacher who is the strictest teacher in all of my school. Her and this other teacher. She is the one who gets sent to robotics, math, and programming Olympics and contest in different parts of the country, she has even gone to Abu Dhabi for these. She is the one who trains them and she is the one who gives me 13 hours of her class per week.

She is that one teacher who you are scared of but in the end really like her because she’s actually very chill. Since school started, everyone was scared of her since she isn’t the one who will tolerate a misbehavior or not paying attention to her, I was nervous but in the end I’m not afraid of her.

Yes, I did have my little problems with her but I don’t care, because in the end I proved to her that I can do it.

And I successfully passed her class with an excellent grade of 10.

And I am expecting to be in the International Science Expo in Programming, science and Software.

She ain’t too scary once you actually get to know her and obey her rules.

This is my programming teacher.

And the whole school is scared of her.

Because she will make you suffer.

Trust me.





6 thoughts on “When I See Her

      1. Hahaha nope, they are real! Sometimes characters in anime and comedies are based off real people. In this case, terror teacher does exist, and she didn’t let me in her class for arriving one minute late. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I could never hold people to those standards because I wouldn’t be able to keep them either. Hope she does this for some strangely perverse yet noble love of education and not just to be sadistic.


      3. Well I was in the bathroom and the laboratory is all the way across school so I didn’t get there in time. I really hope so as well, I’m pretty sure yes since she takers her job seriously and does it to make us more responsible, respectful and to learn from our behavior. Which is something that I prefer other than an irresponsible teacher.

        Liked by 1 person

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