DAMMIT. Okay now that I got your attention, don’t you just hate it when you make the worlds smallest mistake and everybody stabs your eyes out and when they do it no one cares? I do. It really annoys me and pisses me off and the good thing is that I’m a passive aggressive person so I do let a bit of my anger out.

Yes I do accept that it was a mistake and it was my fault and I’m sorry for being an idiot but c’mon! When Little Becky did it you all just laughed? Really? I had to run the soccer field 5 times in the middle of the day with a blasting sun and heat wave and almost fainted of dehydration while Becky was in her classroom with the fans on just sitting in that nice, cold chair enjoying class time.

Fuck you Becky.

Anyways, I don’t understand why people are like this. Mistakes can range from “eh” to “not so bad” to “bad” to “really bad” to “oh my god he’s dead what do we do ( a.k.a, extremely bad don’t get the wrong idea)” to “gtfo and never come back”. We have all committed one ( actually a lot) of these types of mistakes and sometimes it’s not fair when you are the one who gets punished when you didn’t do it or when someone else does the same thing that you once did and they don’t have to pay the laboratory equipment that they broke. (…)

In this case we are talking about those tiny tiny mistakes that got people really mad for no reason. Like when you spill something and the whole family throws their dinner at you but when your mom spills it everyone is just like “oh don’t worry accidents happen”.

Now, we have all made mistakes and learned from this as it is a proven fact that people indeed do learn from their mistakes. Like a good friend said to me, if you touch a hot oven without a mitt you burn yourself and from that experience you never again forget to wear a mitt whenever touching a hot oven. That is the same with mistakes, you do them unintentionally, learn from it, and try to avoid doing it again. It is part of human nature to make mistakes but sadly it is also part of human nature to over react over the littlest things sometimes.

Yes, there are problems and mistakes that do deserve to be mad about and feel bad but there are others that don’t even matter but it just gets people mad, but when they do it, no one cares and everything is okay. Why does this happen? I don’t know.

Like this one time a friend of mine accidentally wrote one letter outside of the line on notebook paper and the teacher made him write the whole thing again, when someone else did the same thing she didn’t care at all. I don’t know if its due to a preference thing or “I hate you so I’ll make you suffer” thing or probably it’s just do to how you’re feeling.

Sometimes people take their stress, sadness or frustration out on somebody else without them actually meaning it. In the end, you have to learn to be tolerant and patient and to not worry or get all worked up over the smallest errors because remember:

Mistakes are a daily thing and are a normal part in life. 

From mistakes we learn morality, lessons, abilities, we learn to pay more attention and to be more careful. Nobody likes mistakes so we try to avoid them and sometimes by trying to avoid them you do it again or something a bit bigger or sometimes you just forget and do it without realizing.

If you and or someone else experiences an unfair treatment when making mistakes, please don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself or for others that probably don’t have the voice to do so. If you made the mistake, accept it, don’t deny it unless if you didn’t do it but if you did then accept it. Yes, you will face the consequences but eh whatever, at least you won’t feel bad later on if you do accept it but if you don’t then, that just depends on everybody’s ways of being.

Hope this post made ya understand mistakes a little bit better? e.e What do you think about mistakes?

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