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I don’t travel, I don’t write books, I don’t have something cool. Why would people follow me? Well, it’s because I have something else. It is hard for a teenager to start up a blog, especially at young age.

I can be going out and drinking with friends, responding to the dudes who hit on me, participating in the beauty pageant that I had the opportunity to join since I was chosen as one of the 6 girls to represent my town, but honestly, who needs that?

I don’t need to go out drinking to have fun, I don’t need a boyfriend to let me down, I don’t need a crown to tell me that I’m beautiful.

All I need, is what I love to do.

I love to draw, I love to read, I love to write, I love to listen to music, I love to knit, I love to sing, I love to dance, I love to make stuff, I love to run around and laugh, I love to go out and explore!

I love to blog.

I don’t need someone to tell me what’s right or wrong, I don’t need anybody to tell me what to do, what is lame and what is cool, I don’t need someone to judge me.

I may seem like the girl who has it all in the world, but I don’t want it all. I don’t need everything in the world to feel good about myself.

I’m not normal, but then again there is no such thing as a normal person.

I have made many friends on here, I have read beautiful stories and poems, seen gorgeous photographs, etc.

And that’s because they come from the heart.

Not for the money, not for the fame, not for the ambition. They actually come from within. They find beauty in places that no one sees it.

And that’s because beauty comes from within.

And not all the eyes in the world can see it.

They actually put passion in their work and I can see it, I can feel it.

And that’s what I love about blogging.

You can share whatever you want, whatever you like, however you want it, and someone will find it and love it, appreciate it.

There are many blogs, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

Do you want success? The only way to gain success is by doing what you love from the heart, because you enjoy it. Not because you only want success. If that’s all you want, then you’ll be miserable doing something that you don’t enjoy.

If you never try, you will get nowhere.

If you’re like me, that spends all day and night daydreaming and in the end accepts that it will never happen and that you will fail, you will only be holding you down.

Do it.

Just do it.

I hate it when someone says that they can’t do it, that they can’t succeed.

With that attitude you ain’t, boo!

The only thing that weighs you down is yourself.

Yes, you may start off slowly but trust me, you’ll see it.

Yeah you may get just 1 or 2 likes on a post, but don’t stress over it.

It may seem like no one actually reads your work but don’t worry, somebody will. You just keep being you and don’t change for anything.

I know that other bloggers get all the comments and likes, but it’s not worth it to compare your work to others. Remember that we all start off from 0, those bloggers that you see once went through the same, ya know?

But they went on and kept on going and that’s why they are where they are, so why not you?

Patience is a virtue, practice it.

In the end, all the good stuff in life will come to you.

Everyone wants to change the world, do something, but they are all too afraid to get killed (metaphorically speaking).

Don’t be that person.

Be brave, be smart.

That’s what I do.  And I’m fine.

Blogging has helped me out with depression, sadness, frustration, loneliness, etc. It has made me happy. I have found a hobby that I truly enjoy and that I actually stick to.

I have found help here, I have found happiness. I have found my inner voice once again. And all of you who are reading this, thank you. Really, thanks. I have someone to tell this too, I have someone that appreciates it, I have someone who makes me feel like I’m not invisible.

Because even though I make heads turn, I feel invisible on the inside, I feel empty, like no one ever listens, like no one knows me, like if I didn’t have anybody when I actually do, but sometimes it’s hard to open up to them, even to my best friends. I try, but sometimes they don’t care.

No one other than my mother and sisters, my best friend who goes to a different high school and lives a bit far, my childhood friend who is in the United States and an ex-boyfriend of mine who told me that my blog is useless and stupid know about this blog.

But even though people have tried to turn me down and make me trip over a rock on my path, I always get back up and avoid those rocks.


The only place that I can tell this to someone is here, to you.

To your beautiful eyes who are reading this, to your ears that are hearing my whispers and faint voice, to your imagination that is imagining every word.

Thank you. Even if you’re just passing by, thanks!

If you’re a follower, thank you as well for being interested in this blog, for seeing something in my words that made you want to see more, for being my eyes and my ears.

I hope that you all stay with me and watch as this blog grows along with me as a person.

If you’re passing by, feel free to come back whenever you want to, I’ll always be here. Trust me, I will.

I will always be here to help you out with my life stories, my poems, my photos, my words. I’ll always be here with open arms and freshly baked cookies.

And if you’re new then Hi, I’m Karuchan! And I’m a teenager who goes through the most random, crazy, sometimes just plain weird events but I just fucking love it. I love my life and I am grateful for everything.

And you should be grateful of yours, too. I know we all have hard times, but you must learn to get back up.

Welcome to my blog, welcome to the ~*Sad and Sassy*~ blog, with me…

the misunderstood teenage girl.

-Love, Karuchan.

Thank you for these 50 followers. 🙂 Feel free to join, you are always welcomed to stay. ❤

*Insert Whitney Houston song here*

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Lol I really put in a bit of creativity into that picture.. xD I wanted to do something a bit different. :p Me and my silly imagination.

J o i n t h e d a r k s i d e , w e h a v e f r e e w i f i a n d c o o k i e s . . . : 3


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