50 internet slangs

Ever wondered what your teenage children have been wanting to say to you? No worries, as I am here to help! Hi, I’m Karuchan, and I’m professional Internet trash. 🙂 Here are 50 internet slangs that will help ya survive a bit longer on the internet and help you understand making your internet experience better.


Remember: Some are offensive!

1.-LOL: Laughing Out Loud
2.-LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off
3.-ROFL: R0lling on the Floor Laughing
4.-WTF: What The Fuck
5.-WTH: What The Hell
6.-OMG: Oh My God! Can also mean Oh My Gosh
7.-OML: Oh My Lord!
8.-SMH: Shaking My Head
9.-NP: No Problem!
10.-YW: Your Welcome!! ^^ ❤
11.-KMS: Kill MySelf… usually used to describe shame and/or embarrassment 
12.-IDK: I don’t know
13.-IDFK: I don’t Fucking Know
14.-IDEK: I don’t even know
15.-IDEFK: I don’t even fucking know
16.-BRB: Be right back!
17.-TTYL: Talk To You Later
18.-YOLO: you Only Live Once
19.- IDC: I don’t care
20.- BBY: Baby
21.-  BAE: Before Anyone Else
22.-Diss/Roast: To offend, insult.
23.- Dank: Cool
24.- Slay: To kill with impression
25.- Trash: Referring to someone who is obssessed/ consumed by something, usually fandoms such as Internet Trash, Phandom trash, TOP trash, etc.
26.- Viral: when something such as a video or photo get super internet famous and are spread everywhere.
27.- Spoopy: Spooky
28.- Haters: People who hate something or someone
29.- Wuz, liek, dayum, boi, gal, bro, bruh, u, r, k, sup, etc.: misspelled words; words shortened like Bro meaning Brother and sup being short for “what’s up”.
30.- Swag: Someone who is like cool, and has the looks and stuff but is usually a fuckboi or something.
31.- Meme: a humorous image, video, song, text, etc. that is spread rapidly through the internet.
32.-Triggered: Mad/pissed off (literally)
33.- Savage: Wild, violent, fierce, out of control, Me.
34.- Queen: Someone who is fabulous
35.- Fuckboi: That one guy who is a player and thinks he’s the shit.
36.- Fuckgirl: The same as a fuckboi but in  girl form
37.- Weeb/Weeaboo: Someone who is obssessed with anime and Japanese culture and is always doing Japanese stuff and/or says things in Japanese like “Kawaii” or “Sugoi”, is not the same as an Otaku
38.- Dad/Daddy; Mom/Mommy: Dad/Daddy are mostly used for both genders. You define someone who you admire and/or love as “dad” or “daddy”.
39.- Epic fail: when you fail but your fail was so epic that daaayum.
40.- Any way of defining sex and/ or gender such as identifying as a Fruit Rollup or attack helicopter as a joke
41.- Internet Hobo: Someone who is always on the internet, from site to site, all day, all that.
42.- Emoticons: form of expressing emotion through text like: :v , 🙂 , 😦 , 😉 , 😀 , ❤ or by using the more non-traditional ones like the ones for Facebook Messenger
43.- Hipster: someone who follows the latest fashion and trends, stays out of the mainstream, likes to read; those good looking fashionable people that you see at Starbucks lol
44.- Forever Alone: Someone who isn’t in a relationship (romantic), usually applies to people who have been single for a long time…like me.
45.- *typing in between asterisk*: represents an action such as *cries* or *watches you sleep*
46.- Drink bleach: to end it all/prefers to drink bleach than to do anything unpleasant; to tell someone to “fuck off”/ go away
47.- Cringe: When you see, hear or touch something that sends an uncomfortable chill down your spine.
48.- Epic: cool but on another level
49.- Fail: as in failing
50.- Rick Roll: When you get rick rolled….

You get trolled. 


There ya have it, those all the ones that I could think of, some being labels like Hipsters but hey they are all used in the Internet community without any restrictions. Please remember that the internet has no mercy towards others. Hatred is everywhere but as well as other awesome stuff and cool people! ^^ There are many internet communities, just like the WordPress comunity or the Reddit comunity.

Remember to be careful while using the internet as not everything is fun and games, you must be smart and know your in’s and out’s. And don’t be r00d! 😡 No one likes a rude person!

Of course there’s some words that I didn’t list on here because they’re a bit offensive towards some people or sexual such as Pussy, dick, fap, etc. and others that I just forgot about like Pun which is a joke involving a word such as:

-*sees someone drinking water* hey what are you doing? Or should I say…water you doing? 😉

It can be a bad pun or a good pun, personally, I enjoy awful puns.

Now of course, the Internet has been making it’s way into the real life world, which is why you might have already heard people say any of these words. I have heard people say every single one of these words and I have said them myself and called some people some of these words and/ or have been called out with them.

I like it when my friend says  “Yas gurl slay queen slay” to me.

I t   e m p o w e r s   m e .

Lol dis post wuz lame I kno. 😦 I have writers block again, sorry.

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6 thoughts on “50 internet slangs

      1. I also enjoy reading your work, sadly I haven’t had the time to read these past days but hope to do so now since I don’t have anything important to do xD
        Hope to hear from ya again. 🙂


  1. This is also a good litmus test to see how removed I am from online culture. I feel old. I feel like a purist. Good to know all these things but don’t know if I’ll be able to use most of them regularly. Still thanks for the reference. Hahah.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t feel old, buddy. 😦 Well just them whenever you see the opportunity! The opportunity will always come and especially with using internet slangs and even more with emoticons as they always add a little bit more emotion to something. 🙂
      Thanks for reading. ^^

      Liked by 1 person

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