The Beauty in Never Growing Up

“Age is just a number, maturity is a choice.”

-Harry Styles

I hate it when people tell me to grow up.

I hate it when people tell me to mature already.

You’re 16, act like a 16 year old.

Not like a 10 year old.

I love to laugh at stupid things and watch kids movies.

You consider me immature but honey….

I’m wise enough to know when to be immature and when to be mature.

You in the other hand? All you know is “maturity”.

But oh damn, if maturity is being like you then I hope that I never grow up.

Like yeah I know I will grow up, get a job, get married, have kids blah blah blah.

I know I will have to pay the bills someday.

But don’t get me wrong, just because I’m how I am doesn’t mean I ain’t responsible.

It’s okay to have fun sometimes but of course with responsibility.

Ya see? I ain’t as immature as you think!

There are many many more years before I have to worry about that.

It’s just that you don’t understand.

That some people just never grow up.

Some people stay young at heart, let them stay like that.


Because some people just don’t accept to grow up.

They all have their reasons, some didn’t get to enjoy their childhood, some are tired of always doing the same things, others well, they just simply embrace it forever.

And I think that’s very beautiful.

I know that I will get old, it has to happen.

But that doesn’t mean that I have to grow old along with my age.

The beauty in never growing up, is something unique.

Since many people grow up to be like the rest.

But others choose to stay evergreen.

Others choose to go back just for a few hours, but that’s okay.

There is never a wrong time to go back.

Old at sight, but young at heart.

So please, let me be how I am.

Let me believe in my “crazy unrealistic dreams that will never happen”.

I don’t say anything about you, so why should you say anything about me?

Youth is not just a time in life, youth is a trait that only a few people still want to carry around.

If you meet someone like me, why does that person annoy you?

I don’t understand.

I don’t understand why there is so much hatred in this world.

So much criticism, so much hate, so much frustration, so much negativity.

But ya see, that is another one of the beauties in never growing up.

Because we don’t understand those things….

and it’s best not to.


Hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂 Remember that it is never too late to go back and have some fun or whatever you want to do that you think that you can’t because you’re “old “.  But of course remember to not forget about being responsible and your responsibilities as well, I don’t really have much to worry about other than school but maybe you do so just keep that in mind! Other than that, have fun and enjoy yourself…because you only live once. And no, I ain’t afraid of responsibilities or aging or all of that stuff nah, they will throw a rock at my face one day yes they will I cannot lie, but eh. I’m childish so yeah I don’t really give two fucks about it for now.

Now, can you pass me my juice box?

*eats french fries*



12 thoughts on “The Beauty in Never Growing Up

  1. Some people are just jealous of how certain people can manage to live a life where they seem to have little to no stress. Truth is, we all got our own stress, it’s just how we look at it and how we’ve found ways to cope with it. After all, stress management IS a skill and in my opinion, it has a strong correlation to one’s perspective towards things in life.

    If you believe that every little thing can lead to the end of the world?(E.g. Forgot to clean the dishes? Armageddon is coming?!) Oh boy, you’re gonna be living in a world of stress. Newsflash- Prisoners might actually have a better life than you!

    As annoying as they can be though, we can’t blame people if they do behave like this because there’s a reason why they have this behavior and mindset. My guess on the origin of it is that it likely came from their upbringing and past experiences. Ultimately, our behavior and mindsets are programmed based on our past experiences. Why do you avoid touching the oven without an oven mitt? You might’ve done that before in the past and got scorched by the hot metal thingy and now, you remember to put on the mitts before touching that BLASTED thing. Get it? Hah! Blasted thing. It’s blasted to it’s hot. Okay-

    Something interesting about this topic. We can also look at things in another angle too.

    Perhaps these ppl who’ve been asking you to act more “Mature” did it because they care? Have you ever considered that?

    I know, it doesn’t seem like they have your best interest in heart right? But seriously-
    I’ve met ppl like this. They tell the “Childish” ones to act “Mature” because they want what’s best for them. Don’t believe me? If you get a chance, try asking them 😉

    The reason they do this is because, they lived through life with that “Mature” mentality and behavior which somehow worked for them and just wanted to pass on what they feel is the best to you! They truly believe that they are doing the right thing since THAT’S THE ONLY WAY they know how to improve in life or even just live life itself!

    BUT there’s nothing wrong in being annoyed by them for telling you what YOU SHOULD or SHOULDN’T be doing cause who the hell are they to do that, right? So unless they do have an authority OR they do seem to have their life working out for them? I’d say do what you know is right and hold onto your ideals and beliefs because there’s a chance that they are trying to hold you back in life due to jealous or other negative stuff.

    HOWEVER, should you ever come across someone who DOES seem to have it all figured out and he or she tries to give you guidance? Give them a chance. Listen to them.

    I’ll be dead honest with you here, I’m one who, at times, believe that I am “The Best” when it comes to something that I know I’m good at. This attitude of mine works as a double edged sword. Perhaps you or some of your readers can relate?

    On one end, it empowers myself, giving me the confidence to take on challenges but at the other end of the sword? It also holds the potential to LIMIT MY GROWTH.
    Being confident and having faith in yourself is awesome! It lets you have the courage to take action BUT unless you’ve learned to be aware of your “Arrogance”? You’d be the one losing out on more self-development and growth opportunities as you may find yourself shutting people who are trying to help you out from your life.

    As I always like to tell people, everyone is an expert in something and everyone knows something which they can share with someone. That means insights in life too 😉

    Just like how I have learned and discovered insights like this from the whole 24 years of my life, which I’m currently sharing with you? You may know something which you’ve been practicing and applying for the whole 19 years of your life (If I recall your age correctly haha!) which I don’t and you can share that knowledge and wisdom with me if you choose to! Everyone knows something we don’t.

    That’s something beautiful about this world now, isn’t it?

    If everyone do that for everyone (Or someone) they care about, that’s where everybody will grow and excel together! That’s also the reason why I place so much priority in creating the forum for the community too- I want everyone to learn from everyone too 🙂

    Love your writing as always. Hope your family are taken care of and talk to you soon Karu-chan 😉

    Your pal,

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    1. Well, Sometimes it bothers me how they tell me to ‘grow up’ when they’re the ones who need to, for example, I’m the one who people search for when they need help whether if there’s a fight going on or someone is crying, I’m the one who always put order and makes sure that no one wants to rip their eyes out, I organize school group projects or else they will be completely lost, etc. I know how to handle a situation basically which they can’t usually do because they can’t handle it or don’t know what to do. I’m like the mom of my friends xD and it kind of bothers me that even though I’m the one who they look for when they need it, they still say stuff like that to me, when in reality it’s them who act childish.
      I think that they kind of consider me childish because I like to play video games and watch cartoons and I act immature, but like my post mentions, I know when to be mature and when to be immature, which is something that they can’t do. Yes, I do understand that some people grow up with that mentality and some try to pass it on since they think it’s best for you, sadly I have never met someone who has tried to do so, yes I’ve met “mature” people, some of them like me, others don’t but they can still tolerate me xD But the ones who do like me are sometimes the one who take knowledge and wisdom from me, and I do from them as well. They are the ones who understand that I’m how I am and accept it, even the ones who tolerate me since they know that it’s my way of being and living, but then there’s the people who are maybe jealous like how you said, that think that they act mature but in reality they’re not. I do believe that we each were brought up differently, have our own beliefs, ways of doing stuff, ways of thinking, etc. but some people just never understand I guess? .o.
      Either way, I also like to give advice, knowledge, wisdom to people since it is something that comes naturally from me and my ways of thinking and seeing the world. Just like how my Father tells me, “you’re young at heart, but old in mind, you silly child”. 😀
      We all have our ways and points of view, some are harder to understand but in the end they are all for good if it’s coming from a person who knows what they are saying, like you. You mention about confidence and I see the confidence in you, not everybody has the courage to have it, and that is something to admire and the only way to gain it is by finally accepting yourself and just going out there and doing your best, right? Which is also probably one of the reasons of their jealousy, they are too afraid or don’t have the confidence to do certain things, speak out for themselves or for others, etc. And since I do, that’s probably why they can’t stand me and throw shadow at me which just gives me powers because I AM THE DARKNESS.
      And that’s another reason why people don’t take me seriously sometimes. xD
      Alright, maybe it’s also a bit of my fault to. :p But at least I accept it! Right? ….
      Well that’s what I can say for know! xD Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate how you go into details and give examples and different theories/points of view, that always helps out. 🙂
      Thank you and same for you, take care!

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      1. I love your Darth Vader already. (Since you’re so young, I wonder if you got the reference heh)

        Indeed, the things you’ve mentioned is exactly one of the reasons why I started PBIY’s community as well. To bring people like yourself to an environment where everyone is free to be themselves, expose their inner true self without the feeling of being judged and instead, be loved for being the loving and understanding person that you are.

        You are the “Mom” of your friends, but still know when to be “Immature”? Your dad is really spot on with his words. Again, love the guy already. People like you have acquired strength which most others wouldn’t so take pride in that. I actually got a name for people like you.

        You are what I’d label in future as a “Cool Mom”. Seriously, bet you haven’t seen yourself as that hah! Know why I can say this? Because like you, I’m like this as well.

        Doing things in a fun way (You know what I mean for sure) when you can and become dead serious like cancer when the need arises.

        There will be times when you feel that you are wasting your time and efforts with some people but there’s no reason to feel like you’re going to be on the forum because unlike the people “Out there”, PBIY members are here genuinely seeking advises/help on things in life and when someone sees your efforts in someone else’s life? We can even give you a virtual pat on the back because we see that you are making a difference in lives via your own precious time!

        Even if it comes down to someone not appreciating your efforts, perhaps doing what your “Bad” friends did to you ?
        It doesn’t matter because first, you know that you’ve helped in the way that you know is truly the best for everyone.
        Second, everything is on the board/Chatroom (Unless you moved your conversation off these platforms) and EVERYONE can see your efforts!

        Your responds to everyone’s “Topic” is not going to be wasted, because it’s going to remind you and show everyone else that you’re putting in the effort to help someone in need. Kudos to you for that.

        Also, your feedbacks/opinions/Advises are going to be in the board for EVERYONE to access.
        You helped John resolved an issue- Perhaps a conflict with a best friend by giving certain insights into why his best friend is behaving that way and did what he did.

        Guess what? This little “Problem” that’s been resolved, it will be “Recorded” on the board for everyone to see, review AND maybe even refer to and apply in their own life when they encounter similar problems with a friend! Life is a LIFElong journey, who’s to say they won’t encounter problems like this as well, right?

        Just by solving 1 problem for 1 man, you’re going to be helping many many more in future (In your sleep as well!) without you even knowing it!

        “This Darkness” isn’t exactly “Dark” now huh? Honestly, I sincerely believe that you’re like, Amaterasu, the goddess of sun- Shining rays of light unto people’s lives with your Sun.

        However, you’ve somehow been led to believe that you’re a shadow instead of the ray of light in everyone’s lives.
        The fact that you’ve been made to feel this way- I’d say that you feel like you’re a “Shadow”. A companion that’s always taken for granted- Always around but people don’t seem to notice.

        You don’t have to feel this way anymore. Not while I’m around. (Sweeney Todd reference?)

        Anywho, hope you’re doing good and thanks for the epic respond bud. Really appreciate you taking the time to share your life with me 😉

        Your pal,

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      2. Isn’t the reference from Star Wars? xD Well I haven’t really thought of being a mom O: I’m still a bit too young for that! But I do know that your community is meant for support and help which I have noticed indeed. 🙂 Sometimes I do feel like a shadow for some people, which does make me feel bad. But for other I am like Amaterasu, goddess of sun. I’m always trying to make people happy and continue on! xD But then there’s those who take advantage of that. :/
        Oh btw I will join your forum! But probably tomorrow or on Saturday since school keeps me busy but I will I promise 🙂 It is always a pleasure talking to you, take care!! ^^

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      3. Yes it is hahaha and likewise bud.
        Glad to know you’ll be joining us for our forum testing phase. Let’s make this forum an epic community with everyone else 🙂

        See you and talk again soon!

        Your pal,

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      4. Haha yes! *^^* I could help out with the testing phase, I take Technical Programming as my career in high school right now so I can help out with coding or database management or whatever I can help out with, even if it’s just choosing colors xD I will be glad to help in whatever way possible. 🙂
        Take care, buddy! x3 I’m “enjoying” a heatwave right now but I hope that you’re in a nice, fresh environment, not like me who walks in the blazing sun all day and sleeps in the coldness at night. xD
        What is up with weather?
        Anyways, take care. (:

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      5. Lol my side is FOREVER sunny that you won’t believe it- In Singapore, it’s tropical weather which also means Summer all day!

        Europeans call it a blessing though hah!

        Say, do you play any multiplayer video games bud? Perhaps we can have a chill game sessions with some other players from PBIY too LOL

        Your pal,

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      6. I live in tropical weather as well! I live in Mexico in a state that has lots of bodies of natural water and the neighboring state has the ocean, which means that I have tropical weather due to the rains and stuff coming from the ocean and those bodies of water. The state I live in is known for it’s “forever spring and summer” 🙂 Mexico in general is known for it’s beautiful weather. I love it but sometimes the sun gets a bit out of hand.
        Yes, yes I do. ^^ Sure, I would love to. 🙂

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      7. Tis’ true with the weather thought it’s sometimes nice to know that we don’t have to wear clothing to the level where it’s like we’re putting on armors to go to war lol.

        Alright talk again soon bud. Let me know what you play on PBIY Forum’s chatroom or private message, we can always organize something there 😉

        Your pal,

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      8. Ugh yeah. :v It’s starting to get cold in the mornings and nights here, but I don’t really like sleeping in long sleeve shirts and pajama pants, it makes me feel trapped. xD
        Sure! ^^ What worries me is time differences but I’m pretty sure we’ll find a good time.
        Take care!

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