Behind My Eyes



I wear mascara to conceal the fact I’m in rage.

I wing my eyeliner so that you can’t see my red eyes.

I apply concealer underneath my eyes to hide the eye bags from crying.

I wear eyeshadow to cover up the redness of my eyelids.

I use mostly dark colors, since bright colors blind me.

I want to put all the pain away, so I hide it by painting over them.

My body is a canvas, It expresses emotions on me which I like to paint over.

Like if I were to be correcting an imperfection on a beautiful painting.

But the expression show up better in my eyes, sadness is the one that shows up better and lasts longer.

Behind my eyes, lays a girl who isn’t happy.

A girl who loves her makeup, but is forced to use it in a bad way.

Behind my eyes, lays a soul that needs help.




Thinking, everyday.

Coating my lashes from the tips to the roots with my dried-out mascara.

Throwing my cheap eyeliner inside the trash bin.

Pouring out my concealer in the sink.

Throwing my eyeshadow palette at the wall.

sitting inside the bath tub.

Sitting in cold water.

Tearing the end of my shirt with my fake nails.

Washing out all of the makeup.

But not with the water in the tub….

But with my tears.

As I have learned that it’s the best makeup remover that exist.


Please excuse the kind of bad (Kind of? Ya sure? ) quality of the picture,  I know it seems a bit messy and awful, but that was the point. I was trying to make it like that to give out a more sad,  grunge-like, messy effect by making the background a mess and keeping a dim lighting. I don’t really know much about photography so also excuse me for that! I’m a low budget photographer ahaha…haa… .-.

Hope you enjoyed, stay beautiful. 🙂




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