Is it a Yes or a no?

Is it a yes or a no?

Is it a maybe or a probably?

So many things to ask, so many things to answer.

Today or tomorrow?

Morning or night?

Me or her?

Her or him?

Her or her?

Him or him?

Me or me?

Me and you. 

Together or separated?

Alone or accompanied?

Distance or close?

So many ways to be together.

Small or big?

Long or short?

Fat or skinny?

So many worries.

Or or and?

They’re or their?

Hear or here?

Your or you’re?

So many options, so many ways to use them. 

Brave or coward?

Fear or distress?

Frustration or ignorance?

Tolerance or patience?

Sometimes you don’t know what it is.

Right or left?

Up or down?

North or west?

South or east?

So many ways to go, certain paths to take. 

Smile or frown?

Happy or sad?

Sad or happy?

Sad or sad?

It doesn’t matter, it all leads to the same.

So…is it a yes or a no?

So many questions going around me, but no answers.

Yes, or no?

I don’t know.


Stay, or go?

Go, or leave?


Forever, or never?


…So, is that a yes, or a yes?

It’s a No. 

Daily Prompt: Confused


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