Complicated Writers Block: My tips


So I don’t know what to write about. I have nothing to be honest, I mean, I’m still on vacations, I already did what I wanted, I have ran out of ideas and the only thing in mind right now is: Nothing. But I don’t really have a source of inspiration right now or have any clue of what to do, It’s like when I have drawers block when I can’t draw anything being a skilled drawer for 5 years. Well, it’s like that but this time it’s writers block which means that I can’t really write anything that makes me say “yeah…that’s the good stuff”.

“x” block can happen to anybody, there are many type of “blocks” like drawer’s block, writer’s block, photographer’s block, Study block, etc. It’s basically when you can’t think or do anything no matter how skilled you are or how concentrated and thy can be very complicated.

I already tried writing a poem, followed by a story, followed by some life experiences, which yes, they all failed and now I decided to just complain about it because I don’t have any creativity right now. :/

Ah..but maybe I do! I may have about 5% battery left in my creativity for writing this, right? Well, here’s a bit of my protips on how to deal with writers/drawers/photographers/ whatever block!

1. -Fry your brain out


Yes! Try and steam something out of that brain of yours, I have done this multiple times and most of the times it does work out, ya know?

2.- Listen to music


Listening to music is a good way to relax and get inspired. There are tons of music genres out there and tons of artist, or you can listen to your favorite type of music genres and artist. Listening to music gets people feeling different emotions, which is why it is a good source of inspiration.

3.- Look at photos/drawings


Looking at photographs or drawings can help you get a bit of inspiration. Find an image that you really love, observe it, admire it. When looking at something that we like, we can get inspiration. It can also be a person, place, thing or a scenario like the nature in it’s beauty, just go out and explore, there is a whole world out there filled with lots of beauty.

4.- Read


Yes, by reading you are welcomed to a new world of imagination, fantasy, love, romance, sci-fi, horror, etc. By reading you open your mind to a new world and that can be a way of stimulating your creativity.

5.- Watching some videos/television/movies/playing video games


Whether if it’s on YouTube or not, whether if it’s cat videos or music videos, videos o whatever type can also help with your inspiration as well as watching television or movies or playing epic video games.

6.- Insult encourage yourself


By insulting encouraging yourself, you can get your own hopes and self esteem up which will help ya focus and try! Because you do not loose anything by trying, right? Right?

….*stares into your soul*

Well I hope that these tips and tricks of mine work for ya! What are your tips for curing writers block?


8 thoughts on “Complicated Writers Block: My tips

  1. To get over my writers block I just write crap that I know will never see the light of day. I’ll right out memories that I’ve almost forgotten that way I can get my brain flowing. It’s frustrating some to look back on something you write and be less enthusiastic about it than usual. However, it’s a starting point. I keep them in a draft folder so in case an idea strikes on those topics I can have something to work with.
    I really liked this list and I find myself doing the last one a lot.

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