Obsessed with you

When I saw you, I knew it was you.

I saw you in my dreams, such perfection.

There is someone in my way? I will take care of them.

As I have no mercy towards anyone.

You are mine, and I am yours.

You just don’t know it yet, you haven’t even noticed me.

Weapons are what take me closer to your love.

They are like the key to your heart.

The blood on my uniform is the color of our passion.

The things I do for you, the things I do for you.


I have no mercy for anyone.

following my mothers footsteps.

They do say that if you want something, you must fight for it.

And this is my way of fighting for you.

With help of the one who is always in the shadows,

I will get to you.

Oh, she is talking to you? Too bad, guess she won’t show up to school tomorrow.

Ah, someone witnessed me, better get rid of them.

Burning the ones who are getting in my way.

Burying them in the garden.

The mourning in the hallways.

The rumors.

The suspects.

The tragic suicides.

The tragic incidents.


Please remember that I am doing this for you.

So please don’t cry now, you’ll be safe with me.

For all eternity.


This is something I wrote for the game Yandere Simulator which I really enjoy. c: read about it: Yandere Simulator Game Development Blog


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