The Power Of Maybe

Have you ever noticed how there’s words that don’t mean this, neither that, but this? That doesn’t make sense. Anyways, the word ‘Maybe’ has a very strong power if you think of it, it can get you out of trouble, and it can leave people wondering “ that a yes? Or a no?”. The word maybe can literally mean yes or no, sometimes it can mean yes, but then again you don’t know because the word maybe is like, in between.

So, for example, when your crush says “Do you like me?” and if you reply “…Maybe…” Then what does that mean? Is it a yes? Is it a no? What is it? They can be like “yeah she totes luvs me lol” but you know that deep down you have NO idea. Or when you get in trouble and your mom’s like “Did you do it?” you can reply “maybe” and it will leave her wondering “….what.” So, a simple little “Maybe” can get you out of a situation and leave you with a bit more time to think up of something, it leaves people with more questions, you can clarify things, make a huge explanation, etc.

You can say “Maybe” if you don’t know if it’s a yes or a no, if you don’t know if you took part in something which you probably did but maybe not exactly, if you don’t know if you ca do this or that, it works for a lot of reasons. Like, whenever I get asked to go out and hang out I will reply with a maybe because, even though I wanna go I can’t until I get permission, so a maybe will do for until I confirm. Ya see? There is another example! You can also use it as a cliff hanger for a conversation or a question.

You can also use it with other words such as tomorrow, if you don’t wanna do something you can say “Maybe Tomorrow” so that way, even though you don’t want to today, you will probably want to do it tomorrow. You can also use it as:

Maybe Not

Maybe later

Maybe some other time

Maybe he/she knows

Maybe a bit more

And many more! There are tons of ways you can use it and they all do the same! Because with a maybe, like I said, you are left or leave someone with a cliffhanger, with no solid answer, with nothing kind of.

Some other words that kind of do the same thing are words like Probably and how. For example we have:

Probably not

Probably tomorrow

Probably in the storage room

and other ways, but ya see, this one actually leaves you with a bit more hope, since probably gives you a chance. Probably is a word derived from Probability, which means that there is a chance of this or that happening. Does that make sense? You can say “Probably tomorrow” to someone and that will give them a bit of hope that maybe tomorrow it will happen. But other ones like “Probably not” tell you that there is a probability of something that is most likely not going to happen. And with the “How” It would be like:

How about tomorrow?

How about no?

And in between many other forms of using it, but the “how” gives you even more chances of something, without giving you an exact answer, but at the same time it does give you an answer.

Does this make sense? Because maybe it doesn’t but probably it does but then again it may not be so accurate with the probability of you understanding it since the whole maybe thing may be a bit confusing especially in the way that I put it but probably it does make sense but probably or maybe it doesn’t to you but how about if you give it another read so that maybe you can understand it? It gives you a probability of maybe understanding the concepts of Probability, maybe and how. How? Maybe by analizing the probability of possibly understanding this sort of confusing post.

Bu how about no? Or maybe you can read this another day? Or probably not just quite yet.

Did I confuse you? Maybe.



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