Stubborn Little Brittany

Red lipstick goes best her skin tone.

Her naturally tan, bronze skin shines in the sun.

Her long hair and her denim ripped shorts.

Stubborn Little Brittany doesn’t need you to tell her what looks good on her.

Stubborn Little Brittany is young at heart and age.

Grown up in the city, she knows her ways on the streets.

She come’s back wearing a smile.

Slays all the time 24/7.

As soon as she walks in, everyone knows that she is respected.

And they must respect her too.

A million waves crash everyday to make her laugh.

Ye’ old Susanne can’t stand her.

As she has stolen her man .

But Brittany doesn’t want him, she doesn’t need him.

The man left Susanne, but the rumors go quick.

Little Sheila is at her best today, hoping to win the competition.

But Stubborn Little Brittany is in her way.

How to get rid of her?

She tries to do so, but stubborn Brittany is stubborn, and Sheila looses.

Stubborn Little Brittany doesn’t need friends, she is alright with being on her own.

Who needs backstabbing friends, anyway?

Her long nails and her feet covered in beach sand.

Her hair flying high in the wind as she drives her convertible.

How she dances in the moonlight.

How she jumps through the bonfire.

The ocean gleams whenever she’s around.

Nothing can get in her way, only her emotions, but she gets through it.

Even though she is who she is, people don’t know her lovely side.

She is the sweetest girl you can ever run into.

Stubborn Little Brittany isn’t afraid to speak up to anyone.

She gets what she wants, when she wants it, at the voice of “Now”.

Stubborn Little Brittany can defend herself, and others in need.

She is only their for those who truly matter to her.

Stubborn Little Brittany ain’t afraid to speak her mind and thoughts.

She doesn’t care what people say about her.

She doesn’t even have the ears to listen to the negative in the world.

Stubborn Little Brittany is what her best dude friend likes to call her.

And he is the one who drives in the co-pilot seat in her car.

He is the only one who she can trust, the only one that has always been with her.

He and she are always rollin’ together, going to new horizons, new beaches, new adventures.

Stubborn Little Brittany, is such a stubborn gal.

Stubborn Little Brittany is such a lady, such a soul, such a beauty, such lovely.

But stubborn.

Hope you guys enjoyed. 🙂


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