The Nine Muses

The Nine Muses.

Such gorgeous women.

They were all gorgeous, one was not more beautiful than the other.

Each had their specialty.

Each had their purpose.

The first Muse, was the red one. Red hair, red Greek robe. She was the oldest of the nine, but still young.

She was the Muse of bravery, she was the one who would teach the Muses and other women in the world to take care of themselves, as well as always defend women in need and help out those at war.

The second Muse, was the yellow one. Blonde hair, yellow Greek robe. She was the second oldest.

She was the Muse of happiness! Always so playful, so cheerful, and filled with vivid life. She was the one who would go and spread around joy to the world, the only thing that made her sad was if someone else, wasn’t happy.

The third Muse, the green one. Her jet black hair and green robe, leafs is what she adorned herself with.

She was the Muse of Earth. She would be the one who was responsible for the worlds nature and wildlife. She would go around helping crops grow, give rain, snow, wind, but when she was disappointed, she would send in rainstorms and hurricanes, when she was mad, she would send earthquakes and floods. She would send animals to migration, others to hibernate, she would bless the world with these majestic animals.

The fourth muse, was the pink one. Her extremely long, brunette hair she would always braid and her pink robe that would expose one of her long legs.

Yes, she was the Muse of beauty. She would go around telling people, mostly women as they are the most affected, that they were all beautiful, teaching them as they grew up that each and every one of them was beautiful in their own, unique way.

The fifth one, was the purple Muse. She was the Muse of fertility, with her black ebony curly hair.

She was the one who blessed couples with children, sometimes though, she would give a child to someone who had done bad things in relationships, in order for them to learn a lesson, they had to take care of the child and eventually love them, if they didn’t, they would suffer. She would also help those out who weren’t able to have children. Without her, life wouldn’t be possible.

The sixth one, was the blue muse. Always with her books, glasses and messy, curly brown hair in a ponytail.

She was the Muse of knowledge and Arts. The only muse who served two purposes, according to her logic and knowledge. She was the smartest of all, and she knew the answer to everything, and if she didn’t, she would go and find out and always succeed. Thanks to that knowledge, she gained the ways of Art. She would go around, teaching people mathematics, history, etc. As well as giving chosen individuals, the skills of art.

The seventh one, was the orange Muse. Always so worried about her children! She didn’t have time to prep herself up.

She was the Muse of maternity, and she would always take care of children who didn’t have anyone to take care of them. She would be the one to always worry about families and especially their children, no matter what age. She would always make sure that they had place to sleep and food to eat.

The eighth one, was the white Muse. Her pale skin, white hair and crystal blue eyes were always a wonder. She, was the Muse of innocence.

She was pure, delicate, patient, graceful, innocent. She would go around doing the good for people in need, helping those who had fallen into the hands of the evil ones. She would go around preaching her good will and spreading her virtue: patience.

The ninth one, was the black muse. Her pale, purple-ish skin, extremely black hair and robe that would fly in the wind and fade into smoke.

She, was the Muse of death. She was the one who would keep track of those who were about to die, and she would be the one to pick up the recently deceased. She was also the one who gave them a way to die, but it wasn’t her choice, it was Destiny’s choice, but she and Karma are another thing, other women, her best friends. She would go around giving deaths that Destiny chose for some individuals, and Karma’s death to those who deserved it. She would take their soul, and guide them to the light, or to the flames.

Each one of them beautiful, each one of them with their purpose. Each one of them sent from the Heavens to do good in humanity.

Each of them beautiful, one was not more beautiful than the other.

They were all sent from above.

The Nine Muses.



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