The Fair Shooting

So for those of you who don’t know, I talked about a fair coming to my nearest town in my Summer Without Me post that you can read over there just click on it. Well, the town fair finally came! And as I predicted, I was the one who had to ask my friends out to the fair. Luckily they accepted! Hooray! Summer and a young group of teenage hood rats is what we want to be! Well, yeah, no.

And why? Because sadly, there was a shooting on the third day that took place in that fair, which has caused drama and fear.

So this fair takes place in my nearest town that is about 15 minutes away. It is the annual summer fair that celebrates a Saint. The first like, 3 days their are celebrations like the burning of firework castles, famous band (banda) singers offer dances/ concerts which I don’t go to because I don’t like that type of music and because I’m not big on wearing flannels, skinny jeans and cowboy hats and boots. Plus those events can go veeery wrong, they are not safe as they offer alcohol beverages to everyone! There are also bulls like ya know, those guys with the red capes that lure the bulls and stuff but I don’t like that either. I go for the unsafe and old rides, food and all types of merchandise.

When the fair arrives, they close off main streets and avenues and merchants set up their stuff on the streets which can cause a lack of space in the streets during night time since it’s when there are more people. It gets so crowded that it is a bit hard to walk with all the people coming from all directions plus the street merchants crowding the streets with tables and stuff. Now, in this town since it’s quite small they only take up the main avenue and all the town center. This huge parking lot is used for the mechanical rides. Well, about a week ago on the third night which is when there’s bulls, a shooting happened in the fair, causing 3 dudes to get shot and many people to get injured trying to get out.

Due to the lack of space in the main streets and cars outside the fair and traffic everywhere, people who heard the gun shots who were there started running for the main entrances/ exits, but once again, due to the minimal space and the huge amount of people, the streets got packed causing everyone who tried to exit through the streets get stuck inside a massive crowd of people, merchants, screams and everyone going crazy. Not to mention the people who got stuck on the mechanical rides! Yes, people got stuck inside the mechanical rides, which was awful. Imagine this:

You and your friends decide to get on that big and scary rides that spins you upside down, your mother and father along with siblings and that one chicken who is too afraid to get on decide to stay below and just watch the ride. The ride starts and you are swinging in the air until you reach the point in which you are left hanging upside down for about a minute, when all of a sudden gun violence goes off and all the people below just start running, screaming, pushing each other, police sirens everywhere mixed with the loud pop, techno music playing and colorful lights all around and your family freaking out because you are 100 meters up in the air hanging upside down with lots of little kids and other people. That is scary.

Many rides kept going with loads of children, teenagers and adults on them. Some of them like the carousel and not so violent rides got immediately turned off and people got off, but rides like roller coasters, rides that spin you around and make you go through the air at a high speed and swing you around, yeah those were not easy to handle. What do ya think went through the minds of the people who were operating them? Do I run or do I stop this ride? Some rides were stopped but people were still left inside up in the air with no way out. Some rides were way to extreme and to high that stopping them would be dangerous. It was chaos.

And then we have the traffic, I mean it’s already a problem since all the main roads are closed and then people running and screaming all over the place? Damn.

I was going to go to that fair with my friends, I was really pumped up about it, until this happened. Now I can’t go since it is considered too dangerous. And I agree, because you will never know what will happen.

The people who started it I think were part of some criminal gang or were drunk or something I don’t know I also don’t know if the people injured had something to with this all or not or if they lived I don’t know, but I hope that they are okay along with all of the people who suffered injuries trying to get out. Teens, children, babies, couples, even my family was there! My uncle and cousin got trapped in there and saw it all happening.

Ya see, after about 9:00 pm, the fair is honestly not a good place to go that late. There are people getting drunk and people who are completely drunk due to alcoholic beverages being sold after 10:00 pm.

All of this only seem to happen in that fair, though. The December fair that celebrates the Virgin Mary, Jesus’s b-day ( Christmas), New Year and the 6th of January which is the Three Kings Day ( or Epiphany) is held in the neighboring town/ city and this fair is MASSIVE it is HUGE and has loads more people going to it both day and night and nothing never happens there. The streets are completely crowded, there are many ways to go as some streets are divided into 2 sections making space even smaller etc. And nothing never goes wrong there.

And now the town fair is not so crowded anymore due to what happened. It’s still there, but not receiving the number of people it used to receive.

I really hope that all people who were injured during this event are okay and I also pay my respects to anybody who has lost a loved one due to gun violence or has been injured or experienced it. It is a very sad and tragic thing to happen, I wouldn’t even know what to do.

So this is the huge rant that has been going on around where I live, and I don’t see much groups of friends all dressed up and nice walking down the street to catch the bus and go, along with families and such. It is very sad as the fair is supposed to be up celebrating the anniversary of a catholic saint or something I don’t know who it is though. It is supposed to be a place for kids to go and get on rides and buy lots of traditional Mexican candy, for people to and eat pizzas, corn dogs, tacos, etc. for them to shop for things that you only find there and to just go out and have a good time and have fun, enjoy yourself.

So that was it for today I hope you guys enjoyed and once again, all of my respect for people who have lost their lives or have been injured due to gun violence as well as for people who have experienced such a scary event. Remember to be safe, to be on the look out and do not follow the crowd, find another way out. Jump the fences, go to where you know is the safest and quickest way to get out. Be safe, don’t separate from your family members and/or friends.

Enjoy your summer the safe way! 🙂

Drama Llama


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