People I Admire

BeFunky Collage

So we all have people who we look up to and admire for special reasons. Some you admire since childhood others just recently but they all count and for different reasons. Me being at a young age, I have countless people to admire. Of course I admire my mother and my father, my father has taught me to be strong, smart, keep my head up and to always stand up for myself and to not be afraid to speak my voice, my mother has taught me to be a sweet, kind woman but at the same time a woman filled with dignity, respect so that other people can respect me. They both together have taught me to always defend myself, to not myself go down due to other people, to always believe in myself, be clever, intelligent, and overall:

To bE A FucKing LaDy.

With my own little twist and sass added.

But I have other people that I admire, ya know? People who I see on T.V. and say “Yes” to. Here is a list of my most admirable people. c:

1.- Dan Howell/ Danisnotonfire

BeFunky Collage d

Daniel James Howell is a popular British youtuber. He describes himself as socially awkward and has made videos on all his life experiences and stories. Even though he is who he is, he is who he is. Does that make sense? He’s  a dude filled with sassiness, stories, attitude and he isn’t afraid to say it all. I love him, he is creative and one of my most favorite youtubers.

2.- Phil Lester/ Amazingphil 

BeFunky Collage p

Philip Michael Lester is also a youtuber who is also Dan Howells best friend and they live together. He is a very creative, sweet, kind, person. Just filled with happiness and sunshine! I love his editing skills also. He is such a happy person, that when going through hard times he still stays happy or at least tries to. He is such an optimistic and joyful person. He is also one of my most favorite youtubers.

3.- Vic Fuentes/ Pierce The Veil 


Vic Fuentes is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the band Pierce The Veil. He is honestly someone I admire for his vocal and guitar skills, ya know? Also because he is quite a loving person. He dedicated a song for a teenage girl who may rest in peace, Olivia Penpraze, who committed suicide. She was a fan of the band and her friends let Vic know, haunted by this girls goodbye video, he wrote her a song which is Bulls in the Bronx. He has also written songs for other people, like his girlfriend who passed away who he actually loved, a girl named Isabelle who was going through hard times, he even wrote a song about the Paris attacks that makes me wanna cry whenever I hear it. He really puts a lot of meaning and effort into his songs, and that’s what I love about him apart from his vocal and guitar skills. He puts into his songs feelings, memories, love, hard work and effort. I found many emotions through Pierce The Veil, which is why it’s my favorite band. It’s not just the vocalist, but the whole band. How they make a song get to you. How they manage to put so much emotion through instruments. Their songs have made me cry, feel happy, realize lots of things and to make me cherish my life, which I once tried to take, but that is now in the past.

Thank you.

4.- Lady Gaga 

BeFunky Collage l

Yup, I admire this gal. I have since the age of about 10. She and anime were the ones to make me question my sexuality for a long time lol. She taught me to love myself, to not be afraid of who I am. I found self identity in her music. She is so crazy and creative and isn’t afraid to show it, which is what makes her unique.

5.- Grimes/ Clair Elise Boucher 

BeFunky Collage g

Grimes is a Canadian singer, songwriter, music video director, and record producer. Her music is VEERY different from ANYTHING that you will hear. She does synthpop, experimental pop, dream pop, electronica and art pop music. Those genres are not very known which makes her even more unique. I admire her because even though her ways of music are different from normal pop music or any other music, she still does what she does and loves it. She don’t care, she does it, which is what has made her gone to where she is today. Her creativity is very unique as well. She directs her music videos and makes her own music which is something that I admire, she works hard and does it with love.

Everything about her is so special and unique to me.


6.- Becky ベッキー

BeFunky Collage b

Becky is a Japanese television personality and singer. She is known for always being bright, happy and for her eyes. She is half British half Japanese. I admire her for her work and personality. She has done voice acting for Japanese voice overs like the Japanese voice over of The Simpsons Movie, doing the voice of Lisa and in Monsters vs. Aliens, as the voice of Susan Murphy/ Ginormica. She has appeared in many commercials and t.v. shows and I just love her for her work. She is one of the most popular female television personalities.

7.- Gerard Way/ My Chemical Romance

BeFunky Collage mcr

Vocalist of My Chemical Romance which is a band that made everyone in their teens years from 2006-2013 emo and wear dark and thick black eyeliner and everything black. Good times honestly! Even though the band separated, Gerard Way and the rest of the band still haven’t forgot their loyal fans who haven’t forgotten them. He is also a very good vocalist, I love his vocal skills and everything about him and the band. Their songs have touched me and millions more, and will continue to do so.

Please get back together. ;-;

8.- Grace Neutral 

BeFunky Collage gn

Grace Neutral is a tattoo artist and model who has almost all of her body tattooed including her eyes. She also has body modifications. To her, beauty is not just having a pretty face and a nice body, to her, there is more than just the beauty that we all think and expect. Her body is like a canvas where she can express herself through art, in this case, her tattoos and body mods. She sees beauty as something that comes within and we all express our inner beauty in our own way, and that’s what she does. To me she is very beautiful and stunning, people must learn to see past looks and learn how to admire and appreciate what true beauty really is and what it means to different people.

9.-My cat 

BeFunky Collage c

He just sleeps all day and wakes up to eat and if I’m not listening to him or paying attention to him he rolls around and meows or rubs his face all over my feet until I feed him and then he eats and ignores me once again and goes back to sleep and hates when I pet him unless if he’s hungry and wants me to feed him. When he’s being cuddly its when I know it’s time to feed him.

He lives that thug life and doesn’t give not 3, not 2, not 1, but no fucks.

I hate him but I also love him at the same time.

So that was my list of people!! Who do you admire?

The only pictures that belong to me are the pictures of my cat!! You can tell by the shit quality lol. Other than my cat pics, the other photos of the people do no belong to me, I found them off google by searching in their names, all credit goes to the original owners of the photos, I own nothing! Well, just my cat pics…isn’t he cute? He hates me.  Also, the collages were made by BeFunky Collage Maker which is a website that well, makes collages lol :v


8 thoughts on “People I Admire

  1. Isn’t it amazing how ppl we don’t know personally can have an impact in our lives? And don’t get me started on fictional characters (Anime, movies, stories etc) lol!

    When someone touches your heart and makes you feel the need to take action and make something happen in your life? You know that someone is going to hold a special place in your heart. I can relate to a few of the individuals you mentioned in here as I was also exposed to their work. MCR in particular though personally, in terms of listening frequency, I leaned more towards Green Day because I prefer their style 🙂

    Tattoo in the eyes… I’ve got tattoo on my arm and chest and the process hurts bad already lol she certainly earned my respect with that feat XD

    Now I wonder, how much of a lady do you really act now hehe.

    Your pal,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup! It is quite amazing how we all look up to someone who will let us feel the need to do something,like inspiring me to create this blog and soon start YouTube videos *^^* but not just people but also fictional characters can inspire like you mentioned and things we enjoy, Like how anime inspired me to start drawing years ago, of course I started out bad but I’m a self taught drawer. Ah I also like Green Day but I prefer loud music that scares my parents xD I actually want to start learning to play guitar and get back to singing due to those bands 🙂
      I want to get both my wrist tattooed but I have to wait until i’m 18 :s
      hmm..good question.
      Thanks for reading. ^^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope the barcode and whatever you’re gonna be tattooing has a meaning to you cause other wise, you may end up regretting ever having it inked on in the first place. It happened to lots of teens and adults who did it out of impulse due to peer pressure or fad of following the trend because its “Cool”.

        Just sharing 😉

        Should you proceed with it though, please post up photos of it after getting it inked!
        Would love to see them!

        Your pal,

        Liked by 1 person

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