YouTube Crisis: Freedom of Speech

*Warning: this is me giving my opinion and my thoughts and all of that, if you are those type of people who disagree with stuff and are too sensitive towards people giving their opinion, criticism and all that then I kindly ask you now, to leave. If you are cool with it then go ahead keep reading*

Alright I know this might not even be a big deal but honestly, to me it is. YouTube has always been my source of main entertainment and helped me out through so many dark times, all the youtubers and videos on there helped me discover that I still have hopes and helped me stay strong, mostly when I went through my suicide attempt and when I used to do self harm, yes, I attempted suicide and yes, I used to slit my wrist. I would hide all my scars under a million bracelets which made them unnoticeable.

I eventually came to an end after realizing what I was doing to myself was pathetic and worthless. I never told anyone about this or my suicide attempt. And you know who helped me? A very controversial and very hated youtuber known as: Onision. Yep, the very hated Onision doesn’t support self harm and has made multiple videos to show people that self harm is not a good thing but in his own way and yes, I do enjoy satire comedy. And yes of course also many places on the internet helped me out. The internet is a place where I feel happy, where I can speak freely and have no worries. I love it. Especially YouTube. But I guess that my freedom of speech on YouTube may change.

YouTube is my most favorite social platform and I will soon be uploading vlog videos but with skits and comedy 😉 stay tuned for that as I am working on my social networks so that you can stalk me? D;

With this all said, there are many things happening on YouTube right now, so why not let you guys know what’s going on?

No Freedom of Speech: Apparently, YouTube has added new rules, one of these being “No harassment or cyber bullying” which I am not against, but this is where the problem comes: They are taking down videos and banning youtubers who give their opinion and/or criticism. Yup, freedom of speech on YouTube will no longer be so “free”. Of course I agree with the no harassment and cyber bullying that is great I love that, but what I don’t like in any way is that they as in YouTube, are taking down videos and channels in which people give out their criticism and/or opinion on other people/videos. Now, some of these channels do use satire comedy and offensive humor and if you don’t know what satire means:

Satire is commonly defined as a literary genre in which comedic forms, as well as ridicule and exaggeration, are used to focus on human weakness and societal problems. Comedic satire also appears in film, poetry and television.


Youtuber Leafyishere makes videos on videos that his fans send in or that he finds by himself that are usually pretty dumb, stupid, ridiculous, racist, sexist, things that make you triggered, etc. and he gives out his OPINION and CRITICISM which by my knowledge, there is nothing wrong with that and it is freedom of speech. Well, he uses satire and offensive humor but always states out in all his videos to NOT go and hate on anybody, to not go and “witch hunt” any of the people who are talked about. Same with youtuber Onision who does the same, he always states out that the videos are made for the sake of comedy and if you are sensitive to offensive humor, then don’t watch. These type of videos/ channels are being considered Hate speech when in reality, they are not saying “YO GO HATE ON THIS PERSON” Nope, all they’re doing is giving their opinion but in their own way ya know? I guess that some people don’t understand offensive comedy/ satire and are triggered too easily. Of course not all of these channels use the same type of comedic ways.

But YouTube doesn’t care and considers these videos and channels to be bad really bad. From my understanding even channels who don’t even use offensive humor or satire like Philip DeFranco can get banned. Yup, him, he is a very decent guy never says anything offensive nope all he does is give us his opinion and criticism on news on the internet and drama without saying anything offensive and/or insulting. Even youtubers who have made parodies of big youtubers are getting banned.

….I don’t know maybe I am a bad person for watching these type of videos? I don’t even know what to think anymore.

I am happy with the no harassment or cyber bullying, but not with lots of small channels disappearing or their videos getting taken down and receiving strikes due to just 1 little 10 minute video where they give out there opinion over someone or something, that’s not freedom of speech, yo. But you know what is allowed on YouTube? Porn.Yup, You can literally find porn on YouTube and nothing will happen if it’s under the “educational” category. Bitch, I don’t remember graphic porn and hentai as being educational. I understand those doctor videos and stuff about the human body with nudity yeah that’s k but how come there are porn videos under the educational category not being flagged or taken down? Not even age restricted but those other videos are getting flagged and stuff? I don’t even know anymore.

*All credit goes to all the people mentioned in this post. I own nothing but my opinion lul, maybe I should start a rant channel, too 😀 ….Yeah, no.*

*All rights reserved to YouTube and Google and I don’t know what else just please don’t sue me I don’t have the money*

I am mad I am mad I AM SO MAD-woaaah! Chill!


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