Receiving What you Don’t Deserve

You know what I hate? People.

But not everybody, just those selected individuals who decide to abandoned you when you most need them. It’s like being that one guy in the horror film who trips while running, begs for help from his or hers loyal friends for all eternity who decide to abandon him.

What is worse is when you help someone out but they never do the same for you, they just leave you to your luck. But I am a loyal person, therefore I will just continue letting the people who I think are worth for me get the best out of me.

What did I do to you to deserve this?? :v

In this case, I have remembered and gathered the best situations I have been in in which I was left to burn.

1.- Fredo. During an English exam, my crush who is also my best guy friend (I think) was sitting next to me and was asking me secretly to give him a few answers, but it wasn’t that easy. What did I do? When the teacher looked away, I swapped my exam with his and answered his exam completely, returned it to him and continued mine. If it wasn’t for me, he would have flunked.

Then one day I asked him a favor: The ONLY favor I have ever asked him was to take a bracelet away from a guy who had taken it away from me and didn’t want to give it back.

He never even bothered to ask for the bracelet. I had to fight it back for about 3 days. And yes, this bracelet is important to me, it was given to me by my mother years ago. I have it on right now!

Not to mention all the other things I did for him, including giving him the correct codes and stuff on Database scripts we had to do in our Database class, sometimes even giving him the completed database script that I worked on along with other class assignments and homework. I have helped him through life crisis, depression, his parents almost divorcing and so much more but oh well. He did sort of o the same to me but….in a way of “…I kinda don’t care….” read about him:Alfredo

Basically he just kinda leaves me to solve his life for him and he Kinda tries to do the same for me…when ever he wants to.

2.-My cousin. When we were children, he scraped on the doors of his own house with a pair of scissors while I was in the living room being a nice, lovely, innocent child. Well, when his dad came out of the bathroom and saw the doors, he yelled bloody hell. My cousin went to me running and gave me the scissors. After that my uncle came in and saw me with the scissors and I was the one who got punished. He yelled at me and made me cry and so on and well, my cousin hasn’t really done anything for me to mention it. He did destroy my bike when we were children, killed my pet chicken, ruined my surprise birthday party knowing that I have always wanted a surprise b-day party, and soooo much more.

Someone put him on a damn leash.

3.- Veronica the savage. Veronica is a girl who was my best friend 4 ever in 4th -6th grade along with this other gal who I still keep contact with. Well, she made me go through so much trouble and left me on my own so many times. Once we made a prank call at my house during a sleepover, we called up some place in the phone book named “Adult World” (we were just two 11 year old’s). So we called up and when they answered we said “Hello, what’s your name?” The dude said “Rafael” and we said “Lol, ok. Is this Adult World?” This guy literally started screaming to us that what we were doing to him through the phone was sexual harassment and disrespectful. What’s even worse is that we called up a security office, not Adult World ( just…I was messed up as a child).

According to my knowledge and Understanding, asking a guy his name and asking if we were calling Adult World is not sexual harassment. Anyways, we ended up getting the police in my driveway the next day. What did my friend do? She literally busted out of my house at 6:00 am and refused to be part of the whole scandal and just left me there.

I received the punishment. WHY RAFAEL, WHY? YOU NEED TO CHILLAX, DUDE!

Those are the top three I can think of to be honest.

Well, this kinda has to do with the daily prompt of today which was punishment 😛 hope you enjoyed some of my precious memories that make me wonder: Why?

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12 thoughts on “Receiving What you Don’t Deserve

  1. Lol such tragedies at such a young age! I hope things will get better for you XD

    Oh and try not to get too attached to your crush (Is he still a crush to you?) because, well, it’s called a crush for a reason. If he is a person who will respect people and treat them right? I’d say go ahead because he’ll likely treat you right when you guys get together.

    Though from the sound of it? Sounds like he’s been letting you down time and time again so I wouldn’t lean on him when the need arises. I’d let him go too and try to spot someone else in the crowd to support and have support me in life.

    Btw, just an additional knowledge to share. Wanna know what a person is like? Take note of the friends or people he chooses to hang around with.

    Wanna know if a potential partner will treat you right? Take note of how he or she treats their Parents/Caregivers. What I remember reading is that this little “Observation” is likely an indication of how they’ll treat you after marriage (If you actually do think that far lol).

    But whatever it is? You should try to hunt down Rafael and tell him to chillax lol! Just kidding. How’s everything in life btw? Is there a particular incident which happened recently that may have prompted you to write this as well aside from the daily prompt?

    Your pal,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Life is good, thank you! What about you, mate? Yes I agree on the whole crush thing, but honestly he isn’t as big for me anymore, maybe just being friends is the good for both me and him and yes, one day I will tell Rafael to chillax, ” it was just a prank, bro!” xD But I don’t think he understands pranks…xD oh well, thanks for the comment and advice!! I really appreciate it and well no I just remembered it and decided to write about it 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha good, was wondering if you were still sore on all those people and series of unfortunate events.

        Keep writing 😉

        Myself, I’ve been REAL busy producing the second episode lol but seriously, it’s gonna be good. Oh yeah thanks for the comment on YouTube! I’ve responded already, not sure if you saw it yet hah!

        Seriously, I CAN’T wait to get the episode up Tmr. It should be done rendering by today and live Tmr so look forward to the ping notification on WordPress yeah? 😉

        Oooooohhh it’s gonna be good!

        Your pal,

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Nah I’m not the type to stay sore over something xD well, most of the time. Oh nice! ^^ I will be looking forward to your video and yes I just checked my inbox and saw your comment reply ^^ I will be waiting, pal!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh crap I should probably find a way to get to everyone when I can then lol- Thanks for the respond, Karuchan!

        Btw, considering your nick here on WP, I’ve been wondering, are you from Japan??

        Your pal,

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Sure, no problem!! Haha no 😛 I’m a Chicana gal, which is a woman born in the United States from Mexican parents; born into Mexican heritage. My nickname is a combination of Estonian with Japanese, as Karu means “bear” in Estonian, but in Japanese it is a verb as it can mean things like “to borrow”, “to harvest”, etc. or it can be put together to form words like “vo-karu” which means “vocal”according to my searching skills, but I prefer the Estonian meaning 😛 and I just paired it up with “chan” which is used for someone or something cute or adorable, mostly for women

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Ah I see. And does 90 mean you’re born in 1990? But that can’t be the case cause I remember you mentioning that you’re younger lol.

        Perhaps the number means something to you?

        Your pal,


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