I Just Don’t Care

“Your hair dye is fading”

I know.

“It looks ugly”

I don’t care.

“You should do this, it’s the new thing”


“You only got 23 likes on your Facebook photo”


“He doesn’t talk to you anymore”

I don’t need him to.

“You just don’t care about anything, huh?”

Well, ya see, living a carefree life.

I am young, beautiful, I have it all.

I don’t have anything to stress about, for now.

“Your nails are too long”

I like them long.

“You can’t listen to that type of music, it’s not cool”

Their my ears, not yours.

“You really don’t care about anything”

I do care about many things, but things that matter caring for.

“But like you said, you are young. Why worry about those things?”

No, what you think is important is things necessary for fitting into society’s puzzle.

I am young, yes.

And I will not waste my youth….

Caring about what people think of me.

Caring about peoples opinions and harsh words towards me.

Caring about what people expect from me.

If I dye my hair a certain color or do my makeup differently, I’m doing it for me.

Because I like it, not because you like it.

If I do something, it’s because I want to. Not because you want me to.

In the end, it’s me who wins.

I just don’t care.


But in the end…

we all care.


“Karuchan, can you punch me straight in the face?” here, read this instead. I promise it will be like punching you in the face. “Lol ok”.



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