Frail Minds

Frail: Weak, fragile, easily damages. It can apply to objects and people.
And in this post, it will be referring to the creatures known as Human Beings, also known as people by the fancy, classy, elegant and well educated people.

Now, what is a frail person? A frail person is a person who can be very sensitive and/or  be weak.  They can be weak in both emotions and/or physical strength. That’s why I have categorized every type of frailness and what it is and what to do about it!

Frail Madness: These type of people are the type of people that you gotta be careful around. You gotta watch out for what you say-every word.  You gotta be careful what you do, what you react to, who you talk to and when you noticed that they’re getting mad, you gotta try and make it cool down a little, even if you weren’t the reason to make this person mad. These type of people are sometimes not so enjoyable to be around due to this, but they will always come along since if they don’t then well…you know what happens.

They can get mad over many other reason besides you doing something that they don’t like. They can get mad for people not doing what they demanded to do, people ordering them to do something and sometimes it’s not even somebodies fault, sometimes its that same frail person who does something and even he or she will get mad about it. Like my friend Josseline who yes, I made a post about…She is the perfect example of a person who is frail in madness. Now, even though they get mad easily, they will also come up with a comeback quickly and/or ignore you. But if it’s them getting ignored, well, they will also get mad anyway.

But in the end we all know someone like this and in my case, well I’m a very tolerant person so I kinda just let it slip by.

Frail Sadness: Ah, these type of people are sensitive but in an emotional way…they are quite gentle, quite sensitive towards movies, poems, music and worst: towards people. People sometimes seem to be douche bags and say or do things that harm other people. Now, sometimes it’s not words that just make these people sad and depressed, it’s also actions that we make. Attitudes, gestures, talking back rudely, etc. The people who do it might not notice it, but these people will, and will feel bad for it.

These people are nice, sweet, gentle, caring, loving, smart, have wisdom in them and most of the time are the most creative. If you need them, they will always be there for you, sadly, if it’s them that needs someone, they may not run with the same luck. Which is why they get sad easily (sometimes depressed). If you don’t talk to them they will feel bad since you’re ignoring them, if you do some ugly gesture they will feel bad. Even if they don’t show it, they die a little bit more on the inside. These people though, will find a genuine happiness and joy in things that make them happy.

Personally, I am one of these people. Yup! I am a frail person when it comes to sadness. I’m this other type of emotional person though. I’m that one person who always seems to smile or just seem neutral. Words and gestures bounce off of me and most of the time I don’t care, but when I do something that I know was wrong, I feel guilty and ask for forgiveness. Even if I talk back to someone or ignore someone who deserves it, I feel guilty. Major big time guilty. Most of the times I just let it all build up inside me and when I’ve had enough and can’t take it anymore, I cry. I cry because in the end everything that I have built up in me hurts, but people can’t see it. I don’t want them to see it, I don’t like talking to people about my problems, not even to my family members or close friends, only 1 or 2 but not even to them I like to open up and talk.

That’s why I’m Karuchan: The Sad and Sassy girl!!! Hahahaaa….haa….aah. *cries*

These type of people usually like to spend there days reading books, organizing things, wandering around the internet for hours and hours, with no regrets.

I am Internet Trash. But I just don’t care anymore.

But in the end these people make great friends!!! :3 And no, I’m not just a sad person, I can be happy too and I have sass in me. You sass me? I say back to you, girl! Slay queen slay!…I’m sorry.

Frail Worried: These people get easily worried. These people are all over what time it is, what day it is, if something is going great or bad, these people are all over there issues. Once they get worried, they become a mess. They cannot run late for a meeting or a party or whatever. They are always there at the time and date scheduled and try to be as responsible as possible, even if sometimes these type of people can be a mess. Not all of them though. These people are always trying to get things done the right way, on time. But it’s just not that, they can get worried over someone or something. If they forgot to water there plants, if they forgot to feed there dog, if they have a presentation due the next day and none of his or her team members doesn’t care, if they didn’t study for a test or think they didn’t pass a test.

These people also kind of cause there own worry. Everything is going great until there brain decides to screw around and make them think of scenarios and situations that makes them get worried. They basically sometimes get worked out on themselves after thinking of what would happen if this happened…. 

Frail Stressful: These people get stressed easily. These people can also be a combination of Frail Madness and Frail Worried, mostly Frail Madness. They are always moody, tired, irritated, grumpy, etc. So be careful around these people, yo! Because they are actually getting lots and lots of things done.

Not like me.. a procrastinator.

These people cannot tolerate loud noises, annoying people, etc. All they want is to just sit in a tub of hot water for at least 30 minutes. They are the hard workers, yo!

And finally…our last category:

Frail Weakness: These are the wimps. The people who are frail speaking about psychically. They are the weak ones, who don’t like sports and things that require moving around and jumping and running and all that. They are those kids at P.E. class in school who would all just stand together and run whenever the ball would go towards them. I was one of them.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being weak so don’t worry! It turns out that lazy/weak people are the best to do labor jobs in the end. Yes, it is tiresome but they will get the job done. It’s up to them if they decide to do it right or not. I’m one of these people myself, but I used to do exercise and all that (which I will start to again) but eh. In the meanwhile while I decide to actually do it, I’ll just blog.

These people like to stay indoors…outside doesn’t the way, what is outside?

And that was it. :3 No offense to anyone by the way! This is just my opinion and how I see it being a teenage gal. Hope you enjoyed!




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