Midnight Drive

I just came home from a little drive this late at night with all my family. Why? We went to buy fries and hot dogs.

I have noticed that besides the economic problems, the fights and discussions, the small house that me and my family live in, the bills, everything, we are a happy family.

When I moved to Mexico, my father had to stay behind for a year until he could come to Mexico due to some job issues and stuff I don’t understand.  That year, my mother, sisters and I were together without my dad. We would Skype yes but It wasn’t the same. After a year, he was finally able to move to Mexico and rejoin with us. It was the happiest day of my life. After that, everything was going fine until we hit economic crisis.

With all the things happening in Mexico at that time, my father lost his job. He decided to work at home since he’s a blacksmith along with many other things he knows how to do ( My dad is everything lol ). He started doing work here at home making metal doors, window barriers, gates, etc. But that wasn’t enough. My sisters, they are 2 gals. They go to the same school but this school is quite expensive since it’s one of the best schools in the state. Since they’re 2 children and this school likes to ask for monthly payments even though its a damn PUBLIC school, we were really hanging on a small string.

Economic crisis hit us along with many problems. Mother and father started getting more and more stressed and would fight a lot. Until one day my dad was finally able to find a job. After that, things started getting better. After about a year or so, dad had to get surgery and left his job. After he left and all the surgery went down, dad got better and got a new job. Sadly, that’s when things started going down again but this time it was family problems. Discussions in between parents, my rebellious sisters, etc. Things kinda started going down, but we managed to get through.

The point is, that even though we don’t have a cool car where we all fit, iPhones and lots of other cool stuff, we don’t need material objects to love each other. All we need is each other. I have noticed that, for example, my dad sees that my sisters, mom and I need new shoes and so does he, he will buy us shoes and leave him to last. If I see a pack of cookies, I will give it to my sisters or if its food or something else I will share it with them. Basically, we care for each other and look out for each other and leave ourselves for last. I have noticed that if a family stays strong and doesn’t give up, they will go on. If a family doesn’t have much, one of the family members will do whatever it takes to get a bit of money so that the family can eat. When there is love in a family, everything will always turn out fine in the end.

And all of that, I realized while on the way back home sitting next to the window of my truck which only has seats for 3 people, with me close to the door, my mother next to me with my sister on her lap, my other sister sitting in between my mom and dad who is driving while I stare out the window and look at the full moon with some clouds while driving past a dark field with 2 bags of fast food on my lap, one with 3 orders of french fries and the other with 6 hot dog which once home, we would all sit at the table in our small house and eat it together.

As a family. On a midnight drive.

Hope this helped anybody out. c:


*ANNOUNCEMENT!!!* I will start doing this weekly and monthly thing in which, every week a selected piece of art whether if it’s a drawing, painting, doodle, photography, clay statue, nail art, makeup, designs of whatever, etc. will be selected to be the “Art of the Week“. At the end of every month, the best pieces of art work will be selected and counted down from 1-10 as the “Monthly Art rates “. The art work that didn’t make it into an Art of the Week will also be featured in the Monthly art rates. In the end, one will be selected as the “Art of the Month“! Both art that was selected as an Art of the Week and art that didn’t make it can win the Art of the Month. If you want to participate, feel free to send in your work to: Karuchan90@gmail.com!!  All art work will be credited of course! In order to participate,  you must include the following:

  • Name (Doesn’t have to be full name, it can be a code name/ nick name)
  • Age (you can send in your age as ? if you don’t want to give it out)
  • Gender
  • Name of art work
  • Website (Optional; Blog, Facebook page, DeviantArt, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Contact info (Optional; Email, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Description of art work ( Optional)

*This info will be published along with the art work. 

Everyone is welcomed to participate! No matter what type of artwork you send in, every type of artwork is accepted! Please feel free to participate!


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