You’re a Coward, Get Over It

We all have fears. We are all afraid of certain things. Some of the dark, some of heights, some are even afraid of trees ( No really, google it ). Have you ever wondered, what is fear and why does it affect us?

Well ya see, according to my knowledge, fear is a state of emotion and/or a state of mind. Ya see, when we get scared, our mind just instantly says: Panic. It causes our skin to get goosebumps, we start sweating, our heart starts racing, we start getting all stressed and worked out and will not stay calm until the danger is over.

But fear comes in any ways: Some are through seeing something you don’t like, for instance me and cockroaches. If I see one I will run and scream. Other people though, have the fear of speaking or doing anything in front of a large crowd. Others are scared of things going directly at them like balls while playing sports. Ya see, fears originate from something, they are in you for a reason.

Maybe you once had a ball thrown at you and now you’re scared of someone throwing something at you. Maybe someone told you a story once, or you saw or heard something you didn’t like but in a way of fear or even sometimes just by seeing a family member afraid of something can cause us fear of that certain thing. But they are all there for a reason.

Just like how they are there for a reason, one of the reasons which is quite optional, is so that you can overcome your fear and feel proud about yourself! Sadly that doesn’t apply to most fears. For instance me, I learned to swim on my own but I still have a bit of fear of the idea of submerging into deep waters until one day I dived into a not-so-deep river from a certain height. Oh boy I screamed when I jumped. When I floated back up and was in safety, I felt adrenaline and I did it again and again until no longer afraid. I overcame it, same with the fear of performing or speaking in front of large crowds. But lots of people though, including me, don’t overcome most of their fears.

And being scared is normal! It’s not a bad thing, its part of the human nature, we are naturally supposed to be afraid of the unknown, the difference is that some people are more curious than others, but we all have fears even the most bravest person has fears. Bravery does exist, but bravery doesn’t mean that you won’t come across a fear sooner or later, an obstacle in your path. But then again, a brave person is brave because they overcome fears that they come across and when a new one comes, they do it anyways, and overcome it. But sometimes, a coward person is the most bravest. A cowardly person will still overcome a fear sooner or later. Yes, they can think about it for a looong time but when they realize, it’s time to do it, and they can chicken out and all yeah, but they will end up doing anyways.

Maybe not voluntarily since ya’ know, we all have that one friend who pushed you off a cliff and you fell into a deep deep lagoon that one time you went swimming with your friends without knowing how to swim and since then you had a fear of water which you overcame. Or something similar.

The point is, that there is nothing wrong with having fear, there’s nothing wrong with being a coward. We are afraid of something in our lives, everyone is. It doesn’t matter if you have cowardice, there is nothing wrong with being scared, we are all human beings, we are all able to feel.  And it doesn’t matter if what you’re afraid of is something stupid, some people may not understand it but you and others who share the same fear know how awful it is. Like me for example, I used to be scared of all dogs chihuahuas especially after getting chased by one when I was 6 years old. Well I overcame that fear after I decided to pet my aunts dog who then bit me, but then decided to get on my lap and cuddle. Ever since I am no longer afraid of chihuahuas or any dogs…but I still prefer cats…

Just remember to keep being you and you know when it’s time to overcome a fear. 🙂


2 thoughts on “You’re a Coward, Get Over It

    1. That is very good to know, there will always be people who try to make someones life impossible, but we should make their lives impossible by not listening to them 🙂 I will gladly visit your blog *^^*

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