Shattered dreams


We all have hopes, we all have dreams, we all have aspirations.

I have bottled up mine.

They are in little glass bottles that I keep around my neck as necklaces.

Oh my how many times have I fixed them.

Some stay broken, though.

They are resting on my neck, so peacefully filled with hope to keep them alive.

People feel curiosity, and ask if they can see them.

You let them see them, but they disapprove of them.

They don’t like them.

They think they’re stupid, useless.

With their harsh words, they die out, and are colorless. It’s like the bottle is empty.

 You, standing sad.

Then, they just take it and let it fall to the ground and shatter.

Sometimes you pick the pieces up, but never fix it.

You just pile up the broken glass somewhere and leave them there forever.

After that, you’re afraid to share your bottles with anyone else, so you keep them to yourself.

And you enjoy it yes, but you wish that you had someone who appreciated them.

Sadly, you’re too afraid what people will say.

Until one day, someone comes along.

You think that they will appreciate the bottles containing your dreams and aspirations.

So you decide to risk it and let them see them.

They do the same, though.

And they break them.

You cry, until someone else comes along…and picks up the shattered glass.

They actually like it, and want to see more.

You let them know more, and you decide to fix other broken bottles, gluing peace by peace, bit by bit.

After that, having someone who appreciates it, you decide to let them out to reality.

You start to make them real.

And you work.

And work.

And work .

Until someone else comes along, and tries to put all of your effort back into the bottle.

But guess what? You decide, that not this time. It will not happen again.

No one will never let you down again.

So you keep on going, ignoring it all.

And once you know it, after all the effort, hope and hard work…

It is done. It is finally done. They will never be back into the bottle ever again.

They are now part of reality, part of you and part of the world forever.

And guess what?

People start to enjoy it, start to appreciate it, they like it.

While others don’t, but you don’t really care.

Because now, you are no longer afraid.

All those shattered dreams, are now fixed, and will never be broken again.

You know why?

Because you did it.

Because you proved to yourself that you can do it.

Because you proved to yourself that it doesn’t matter what people say, they just say it to hurt you because they don’t want you to succeed.

But all you gotta do…

Is believe. :’)

The heart is like glass. There, you have your feelings, your emotions, your dreams, hopes, aspirations, love, all of that. Sadly, they can easily be broken.

Hopes, dreams and aspirations can be easily taken down and shattered like the others, it’s sad when someone says you can’t do it.

I don’t really care if someone tries to let me down, but then again, it depends on the person who says it. There will always be that one person who will always find a way to screw you up so good and make you feel bad and useless.

I once said to someone who I loved that I would start a blog and YouTube channel. He said that no because I won’t even bother to start them, to maintain them, not interesting enough, why the fuck do I want to start them, etc. Well, that did let me down. But you know what I did? I started my blog. I started it and loved it. I told him about it, and that everything is going fine and proved to him that I can do it if I just believe in me, myself and I. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it, because they say it because they don’t want you to try, they don’t want you to succeed.

Why do they want this? I don’t know, maybe it’s because people are just mean sometimes. Jealous, mean, greedy, envious, whatever. Sadly, it’s human nature. But even though it is human nature, not everyone is like that. Not everyone is mean. As in human nature, I refer to it as things that people feel, we all have those feelings, some people have them stronger than others though. Sometimes we just want to see people fail so bad, but some don’t say it, some do. Others though, don’t even think about it. They just simply don’t care, because the emotions of jealousy, greed, envy and all of that are no match for them.

In order to do it though, you have to take the first step. There will be people who let you down, but there will also be people who will keep you going. c:



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