False Attitudes

~*Please note that I’m 15 and a teenager I am just starting to explore the world!!1!!one!!1 But in all seriousness, if someone is making you suffer, treating you bad, anything, please find help instead of keeping it all to yourself like me. Writing this blog is and has been my way of help towards myself to others, since I don’t like to share my problems with any known people most of the time, but I want people to read through my eyes and hopefully find a way out. You can find many post on many blogs that can help you, but not just here, there’s other sites, or you can get help from a family member, friend, school counselor, anyone. But remember: The first step, is taken by you.~*

You know, sometimes just because someone is always smiling, it doesn’t mean that they are always happy. The people who are the most nicest, the most considerate, the most strongest ( not just physically, but emotionally), the one’s who are not afraid to speak their minds and stand up for those who they care about and many more, are mostly the one’s who never get asked if everything is okay, and they’re the ones who suffer or suffered the most.

But they are also the one’s who like I said, are the most bravest, the most nicest, etc. Why? Because they have gone through so much, that they realize that in the end, it doesn’t matter. People did it to make them suffer, people did it because some people are evil, some are mean, others betray their word. Talk about a Disney movie….

But in the end, they do us a favor.

Just now I was all sad and depressed because my ex-boyfriend, who I spent 1 year and a half with has a new gal. I didn’t care. On the other hand, good for him honestly. Then I realized who his new girlfriend was. This girl, was the reason of the start of problems. She stole a kiss from my ex once when we were still together. My ex didn’t tell me anything until like a day later. He didn’t even get tired of saying “I’m sorry please forgive me I don’t even like her I don’t even talk to her I don’t even know” I forgave him. Error. After that, problems started. A few months ago when we were still together I found pictures on his phone of him with this girl (nothing bad don’t worry) in which she was with him at the cyber cafe he works at and they were hugging and so close to each other. I didn’t mind since I’m not much of the jealous kind ( But then again I’m a woman ) and that’s when he snatched the phone away from me and didn’t let me near his phone ever again.

I got mad obviously because he took it away like if he were hiding something. After all this and lots more he broke up with me because of reasons. Then he wanted to get back which I didn’t accept. Ever since then he has tried to woo me, but nah. Someone who threatened me to break up if I got a damn lip piercing and called me a slut for wearing a batman tank top to a mothers day event ain’t a good option.

Get someone who loves you for you no matter what your liking’s and preferences are!! That goes for both boys and gals!   

Anyways, he started dating the girl who started it all. Wow. The girl who hurt me, the girl who made me cry myself to sleep 2 nights straight. And he knows it. And guess what? He still keeps saying i’m the most important to him, and he is willing to do anything for me. And I guess that’s what he’s doing.

We started dating when I was 14, he was 17. My first boyfriend. Since he was older than me, well he used that to control me. I didn’t realize until now. He think’s that he can still do it, but in between all the things that I “say thank” you to him, one of them is that thanks to him I opened my eyes and was able to stand up for myself. He would try to manipulate me until I said “No”. Ever since then I changed and that’s one thing he said when we broke up, “You have changed.” Yup!

Sorry for saying “NO” to many things, to many of your request.

He tried to make me feel bad by getting with someone who he knew was going to make me sad, which did happen. Until I realized his true intentions. He was pulling up a false attitude towards me. He thought that making me feel bad I would go back to him but no. All I said to him was all of this, that he got with the person who hurt my feelings with me being the “most important to him” to this date, but that I will not get back with him. He got with her. Since this girl was stalking him all the time, he found an easy way. Even if he doesn’t have bad intentions, since he realized I didn’t fall for his traps, why not move on to the first girl that pops up? Honestly, he is a good boy. It’s just that I realized that there was things that I liked and things that I didn’t, he also noticed it, but those things were about me.

The point is, that people will put up false attitudes with you in order to make it seem like everything’s ok when in reality they may be trying to hurt you. Some feel lonely and a need to be with someone, or hurt someone. These type of people mostly prey on people who are weaker than them because they know. They know that they can get their way with them. The only way to stop it is by destroying your own false attitude. To burst out screaming, yelling, crying, whatever, but to destroy the attitude of saying that everything is okay and tolerate it. You must learn to step up for yourself and say “No” and to stand up for those who don’t have the capability or the braveness to say that small but very big word. Another tip is to be smart. Don’t use vulgar language during a discussion, use a well, civilized vocabulary instead. This will help you a lot. Analyse the situation before going up to someone and saying it all. Be smart, be intelligent, be clever. But most importantly, if someone is putting it up with you, break from your false attitude.

Also, if someone is trying to hurt you like in my situation or similar or something like that or whatever, break their false attitude. Let them know, that you ain’t nobodies fool and you’re not afraid to speak up. Yes, their words and their actions do hurt, maybe if you lived through a relationship like mine where someone manipulated you, let them know that you are not their puppet. Even if it’s just friendship, there are abusive relationships of all types, and an abusive relationship doesn’t have to be violent. An abusive relationship can be someone putting you down, being aggressive with their words, etc., but in the end saying that they love you. I’m sorry to say this but, if someone treats you bad, they don’t love you. Why would a person that loves you treat you like trash? They just reflect a false attitude towards you whenever they need to. It’s like a way for them to feel good.

Just like television, don’t believe everything that you see or hear. That’s the same with people. Faces we see, hearts we don’t know.  

Just remember to be brave. Remember to speak with them, to analyse the situation, all of that. Be smart. I know I ain’t the smartest person and that I’m young and probably don’t know sh*t like a boy once said to me, but if their is something that I know, it’s that I’m no ones toy. I will only tolerate those who I love that actually deserve it, or if I see my most hated enemy of all times being bullied or something, I will stand up for them. Which is one of the reasons why people may be mean towards me. Some just come for help and leave. But I will never reject someone in help that actually needs it and shows that they have the value and the strength to ask for help when they really do need it, no matter who it is. Don’t be like them, let them know that you are not like them and never will. Do not fall to their feet, to their level.




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Me. :3



6 thoughts on “False Attitudes

  1. You’re not alone in the breakup department bud. Surprisingly, I was 17 when I met my ex who was 14 as well back then lol.

    Won’t go into details cause it might bring back some memories that I don’t really feel like revisiting but hey, it’s good that you’ve grown from this.

    It’ll only be bad if you didnt’ learn anything at all. These knowledge you’ve got will not only help you in your life, but also your friends if they were to ever come across similar experiences 😉

    Thank you for sharing bud, I’m sure it wasn’t easy but you did well and pulled through. Proud of you for that!

    Your pal,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s alright, I also have many memories that I wouldn’t want to revisit :s But out of all of it I did learn many things that have helped me out, mostly in my ways of being.
      It is true that you learn from experience, whether if it was a good or a bad one, but indeed it will stay bad if you don’t learn from it.
      Thanks for reading, mate!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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