The Forbidden Door

I have been babysitting this little girl for almost a year. I didn’t plan to babysit her for this much time, though. I just wanted some money. But I ended up staying with the responsibility due that the parents are mostly out all the time, sometimes they go on business trips for days and leave me with the girl. Which is great! I can throw parties, invite girls over or my friends, or sometimes I just sit in the sofa with the child, cover ourselves up with blankets and eat cereal and watch t.v. or play some video games until 3:00 in the morning. Way past her bed time, but who goes to sleep at 7:00 p.m.? Her name is Caitlyn by the way, she’s 6 years old.

I’m not a great babysitter, but what do you expect from a 16 year old boy? She likes to party anyway….

So these folks have an enormous house, and in this house, an attic is included along with a basement. Inside the basement, though, there is a mysterious door there. We are not allowed to go in there. Caitlyn has said to me that in the night, she can hear strange noises coming from in there, since her room is just above it. That’s why she prefers to stay in the living room with me eating things she’s not allowed to eat like pizza and popcorn. She says that you can hear it through the vents. A groan, a sigh, and sometimes a voice that is speaking to someone in between the hours of 3:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m. It is the voice of a man, she says.

And I once heard it. I was with Cat in the living room, a friend came over that night to play some video games. He decided to go to the kitchen and get some soda when he heard a noise. We went to go investigate, it was coming from inside the basement. Cat hid behind me and tugged on my sweater, said that we shouldn’t go. My friend though, got curios. We went inside the basement to see and in deed, something or someone was on the other side of the door banging on it. We had to get out though, since the car of Cat’s parents rolled up in the driveway. My friend exited through the back door and jumped the fence. I told her parents about it, and they immediately asked me to leave in an aggressive way.

Ever since then, it has been getting worse. I can no longer throw parties or have people over, since the banging gets louder and even a scream and a pout came out once. Today, though, Cat was asleep on the sofa with me on the other end when all of a sudden I woke up to Cat lying next to me in fear. She told me to look over the couch slowly…and there I saw it. Standing. It was eating from the fridge. A tall figure was eating sitting in front of the fridge. His silhouette being visible due to the refrigerator light. I didn’t know what it was, but it was making weird noises and grunts as it ate. I immediately turned to Cat and I covered ourselves up with the blankets from head to toe and hugged her. We stayed silent, as the figure went towards us and stood in front of us. We were both dead silent and in fear. The figure then after about the most longest 15 minutes of my life finally moved away, and started to cry. That’s when I realized that whatever it was, it wasn’t no paranormal, it was a human being. It then went away.

Me and Cat stayed there the whole night, me hugging her tightly while I was shaking in fear. That’s when I knew, that whatever that was, it was finally time to discover what it was.

Cat’s folks were out of town for 2 more days, so we had plenty of time. I called up my friend Ray, who was the dude that heard the door banging. I also called up another friend, Rachel and her best friend, Sasha. The 5 of us were going to discover what was going on. We planned during the day, and we decided to first set up some cameras to see it more clearly. We spent all morning setting up security and survival cameras hidden around the house. That night I packed up Cat’s backpack and we went to Rachel’s place for the night.

From her house we were able to monitor the cameras since Ray is some computer whiz of some sort, he set up cameras that can be tracked and seen by satellite. It was about 11:00 p.m., when Sasha saw it. It opened the basement door, exited and went up stairs. It ate vigorously at the fridge again and went back to the couch where the blankets were still at. The person took the blankets and threw them on the ground furious and screamed. It started to go crazy. We saw everything it did, it savaged the whole house. In the end, it got into Cat’s bed and slept.


In the morning, it was gone. We had to go back, we only had a day to discover what these psychotic people were doing. We had quick breakfast and headed to the house armed with pocket knifes, peppermint spray, glass bottles, lamps, walkie talkies, whistles and air horns in case any of us 5 were in danger. Ray decided to bring his dog along to help search for clues.

We went back to the house when we realized that the basement door was open, along with the forbidden door. It was out.

We stood there in fear as we decided to go down the basement stairs, when we were able to see what was inside, we couldn’t keep on going. We all manned up, except for Rachel who I left Cat with outside on the basement stairs. Me, Sasha, Ray and his dog went inside too see the most shocking scene ever.

The green wall paper was torn and all scratched up violently, there was a desk that was filthy, on the desk  was a jar of blonde hair and a pair of scissors next to it. There were two pictures lying on the ground, one was torn and the picture frames were broken next to a blood stain on the dirty blue carpet. I took the photos and looked at them:

One was a picture of the family, but there was a young boy about my age there holding Cat as a baby in his arms. The picture was torn in half, leaving the boy and Cat alone, the other half where the parents were, was all scribbled on and ugly. The other picture was a picture that I had taken with Cat and given to her for Christmas. Cat had said that she had lost it, but it actually got stolen. That’s when Sasha found some files in which it showed that this “It”, was Cats brother. We found a diary, in which it said that he had been locked up in that small room at the age of 15. He was tortured and enslaved like an animal by his own parents due to his parents not wanting him anymore. They just wanted to keep Caitlyn until the age of 12, before doing the same to her. These people were psychopaths.

Turns out that the parents had always wanted twin boys, not a normal son and daughter. When Cat was born, they were upset with her and wanted to get rid of her. This boy tried to escape with her, but his parents caught him and made a deal, that if he doesn’t try to escape with her, that she would be okay until the age of 12. If he tried anything, she would pay the consequences. That’s why they kept him captive, but he was able to exit without them knowing during the night.

We decided to call the cops instead. We exited the room to find Rachel unconscious on the floor without Cat. We managed to wake her up immediately. She was in a state of shock, and said that a boy grabbed Caitlyn and ran upstairs. We all quickly burst up and spread around the house to find him.

We searched the whole house, but didn’t find her. That’s when I remembered she had her survival kit with her. I tried communicating through walkie talkie but didn’t pick up anything but weird sounds. A miracle happened next. We heard the air horn. It came from upstairs. We quickly went up stairs and searched again but to not find anything. That’s when Rays dog started barking up at the attic door.

They were in there.

We opened the door and let the ladder out. I didn’t even think about it, I was the first one to go up, the rest followed behind. Once we were up, I got attacked and thrown against the wall. I looked up to see him for the first time, right in front of my face. He was holding me from the neck, choking me. Cat ran to him and yelled at him to stop. He looked at her and slowly let me go. Cat started to cry and ran to hug me. I hugged her back. This is when her brother just stared. He went up to me ….and asked for help. I accepted to help him. I promised both of them, that we were all going to get through this and end all of this awful past that he has been living in.

“Not so fast”, said a voice. We looked over to see the mother standing there holding a gun to me. The father came up and laughed. All of my friends were on the other side with the father pointing a gun to them. “You were a good boy…we gave you the privacy of our home to do whatever you wanted, why did you have to break the only rule? I didn’t want this to happen to you. You were the only babysitter that lasted more than a month. You will be the first one to die, though. I didn’t want this to happen….wHy DiD yOu dO It….” She then pulled the trigger. I closed my eyes, and silence filled the room. I felt a breeze of wind against my hair. I opened my eyes to see that I was still alive. I couldn’t hear anything, I didn’t know what was happening. I then realized, that Cat’s brother had jumped in front of me, blocking the bullet. That’s when sound started coming back. The attic was filled with screams. Ray attacked the father and was able to take him down. The mother surrendered and kneeled down in front of her son.

“This was all your fathers idea,s you know that it was, honey. I wanted to keep you…but your dad didn’t…”, said the mother to her son. She then passed out. Caitlyn went up to him in tears, “Everything will be ok, don’t worry.” she said to him. He looked at her and caressed her face and hair. “Oh Caitlyn, i’m so sorry I never tried to do anything earlier. I was too afraid that they would hurt you. I love you, and always have loved you. Promise me that you will be a good girl, grow up happily and remember me, Calvin, as your brother.” His name was Calvin. He then turned to me and made me promise to take care of Cat, since I was the only one who always took care of her, I was the only sibling she knew.

A few hours later, Calvin died at the hospital, the mother and father were taken to prison for a life sentence, and Caitlyn was taken away to a foster home. My parents went to pick me and my friends up in the morning.

A week later, Caitlyn had been found more than foster parents, but a family that wanted to adopt her. That family, is my family. I promised to take care of her, and that is what I will do. She has been like a little sister for me, and I can’t leave her alone.

Cat is now living happily with me and her new family. She is safe, happy, healthy, most importantly, she will never be behind a forbidden door.


I’m not good at writing horror. 😛 This was more..about suspense, wasn’t it? Anyways, hope you enjoyed!



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