Layers of Lies

Hello, It’s me again. So today I want to talk about the stages of lies and how it works without you wanting to build them up most of the time, which I call the Layers of Lies.  

We all have lied in our lives. Whoever says that they have never lied in there life is Lying.  Everyone has lied at least twice in their lives. Now I know that the saying is that people have lied at least once but honestly, I don’t believe that someone has lied once in their lives, then again maybe they did I don’t know but it’s a bit hard to believe, right?

We have all lied. And honestly (Irony?), lying is pretty easy and can get you out of trouble easily and quick and you won’t have to deal with the consequences, well only one: guilt. But you get over it. BUT, sometimes you don’t get out of it, or the truth comes out eventually and that’s when things can get serious. Busted!

Now, sometimes you just lie like, a little bit, ya’ know? Like at school when you don’t do your homework and your excuse is just something like “oh yeah, I did do my homework but it rained in the morning where I live and on my way out of my house I didn’t notice that my backpack was open and my notebook fell into some mud and it got ruined sooo…I’m sorry Mr.Teacherpersonman.” And your teacher is just like “Oh ok that is totally understandable don’t worry about it young responsible student you can just redo it and turn it in tomorrow 🙂 ” but that’s when someone just comes out and says “I live in front of you and it didn’t rain …”

….Yes I actually used that excuse once and that did happen. What did I say? That I wasn’t actually at my house, but that I was at my aunts house who lives an hour away. She doesn’t, she literally lives next door to the house that’s in front of me. Anyways that’s not the point. The point is that lying can sometimes bring you to a spiral of lies, or how I like to say it, layers and layers of lies.

You think that just one “innocent” little lie is going to do the trick, but then you end up having to lie again, but that won’t hurt anybody. Wrong, it will hurt your soul, because now you have to lie one more time. Then you lie again, then you start to build up just a bunch of lies not knowing what else to come up with. You’re good at lying if you can get away with it. But of course, lying too much does bring it’s consequences, as the truth is always discovered sooner or later. There is a thing called karma, and karma is a bitch to you whenever she decides to be.

The point is, that sometimes lying cannot really help you and can just make the situations worse. I think that to avoid this you need to be quite clever, smart, act quick and always have something up your sleeve. Don’t be nervous, don’t be moving a lot, don’t look away from whoever you are lying. Those are the most reasons how people can tell you’re lying, well most of the time. But the best way to avoid trouble is by:

Being honest. 

How hard can it be? A lot. Some people even build up there lives through just a bunch of layers of lies. Do you know what it takes to get rid of those layers of lies? No, it doesn’t take a simply “Lol, sorreh, mate.” Sorry doesn’t do anything sometimes. Lies can affect people emotionally, because no one likes to be lied to. It’s awful depending on the situation. A simply little sorry won’t make it feel better in these scenarios. Now, I will not say that I’m the most honest person to have ever existed, but I do know that truth is important and that most of the time, telling the truth will help you not go through a midlife crisis, it won’t make you feel guilty and hey, you don’t have anything to stress about! So with my own experience said, I can safely and in all of my teenage wisdom, life choices and life mistakes say that: You need to learn to be honest, and assume the responsibility and pay the consequences which in some cases, the consequences of being honest are better than the consequences of being a liar. 

Just let that sink in.

Lying is a part of growing up and maturing, sadly, it doesn’t include maturing completely, because everyone no matter what age, lies. “Kids tell the truth”, um, are you sure? Because kids are pretty mischievous and in order to get out trouble, well….you know the drill. No one is 100% honest.

But also, sometimes you don’t know if saying the truth is the right or the bad choice. A fellow friend and follower of mine here on WordPress, Benjamin Ngiam who runs the blog Project Believe In Yourself (Click to visit his blog!) told me this sort of reflection about morality but kind of like a situation of what you would do if there were a bank robbery in which you know the person who did it, who is a family member of yours and you know his or her situation and reasons to why he or she did it. It is named the “Heinz Dilema” which goes something like this:
[Scenario 1]
You see a man robbing a store.
As he is running away, he stumbles past you. He didn’t notice you.
You remember his face very clearly.
Will you report him to the police? Why/Why not?
[Scenario 2]
Same situation as the above but this time with a twist.
The man is an acquaintance of yours. Perhaps someone whom you’ve met while you were out with your friends.
Will you report him? Why/ Why not?
[Scenario 3]
Same situation as 1. However, this time, the twist is this:
You know the robber. He is your brother, cousin or uncle.
You know his story:
He needs money for his wife’s surgery and that’s the only way for him to get it.
Will you report him? Why/ Why not?

Thanks to Benjamin for sharing that! But that scenario would be one of those situations in which you wouldn’t know whats the right thing to do.

Anyways, Layers of lies are hard to clean up. Sometimes you lie to defend someone, sometimes you do it to hurt someone, or to get out of trouble, etc. All I can say is that, just make sure not to lose control of your lies, because lying can be addicting since it’s usually the fasts way out. Just make sure to try and be honest. It’s not that hard and it actually makes you feel good about yourself because you know that you did the right thing. Lying or being honest though, both give you the same result:

A life lesson. 🙂


That way you can stop dying a little bit more inside and actually fill your soul with happiness, or in easier terms, become a better person. ^^



6 thoughts on “Layers of Lies

      1. I think you have to have a clear conscience before you feel anything else. Perhaps which is first – the chicken or the egg? Agree to disagree? 😉


      2. The chicken is first xD
        Without a clear conscience it’s not the same, you may feel bad about yourself and can’t really “function” correctly. Me being at a young age, I have came across people who don’t have a clear conscience and don’t care, which in my opinion I don’t know how they can live like that. Like you said, a clear conscience is what you have to have before feeling anything or also, before doing something. Well that’s how I see it.
        So I guess I agree with you about having a clear conscience. x3

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