Raza Island

June 10th, 1907. 

There is no power tonight on the boat, only darkness and thunder. A massive rainstorm is occurring tonight out in the sea. I am watching over a red haired 16 year old Italian woman, Saint Mariet Marian de Zenna. She doesn’t want to stay alone, so she made me stay and watch over her. I like to call her Saint Mary, she hates it. She hates me, in general. Wait up, now…I hear lots of screaming out on the deck. I better go help out before the boat gets turned over by a huge wave!

We have been knocked over. A wave hit us, and destroyed the boat. I managed to hang onto a piece of wood, after that I saw the emergency boat coming towards me. I managed to get on and rescue my pet dog along with this journal. There is no one more.

June 11th, 1907. 

I have woken up. I am still on the boat stuck in the middle of the ocean with my dog, Raza. in the boat, there is this type of door beneath a seat. I managed to bust the lock by kicking the door. Inside I found a whole stash of food! It’s all in these really big bags. Enough for survival…but I don’t think it will last me for a month..probably two weeks, and there’s two mouths to feed on this boat.

Inside a bag I found a revolver and a pistol with a small box of bullets each, a flare gun, pocket knife, matches, a lighter, a pedal, two liters of water, a compass, a pocket clock and a hand mirror. I shall launch a flair gun into the sky, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to launch one during sunlight. It is 11:58 a.m.

June 12th, 1907, 3:45 p.m.

Me and my small companion Raza have eaten. Only breakfast, though. We must reduce what we eat in order for it to last. I hope Raza doesn’t get to the food, but she’s a good dog. The sun is blazing hot. Raza can tuck herself under the seat close to the door, but I can’t. I emptied out a bag and used it to cover myself up.

Raza is asleep.

5:34 p.m.

Aha, Raza! I woke up to Raza barking and licking my face. I sat up to see her barking at an island! I must find a way to get to it, quick! Time to pedal!

I managed to pedal all the way to this island. It is beautiful! I guess me and Raza will be staying here for a while. Home, sweet home.

9:15 p.m. 

I started a fire pit and cooked me and my furry companion some dinner. Tomorrow, we shall start building a new home and explore.

July 21st. 1907, 8:00 a.m. 

It’s been a while since I’ve written. I have been keeping track of the days in a mini calendar that is on the back of this journal. It is now July. It’s been almost a month. Raza and I are doing great. We have found, explored and enjoyed the richness and wonders of this island. Our favorite place is this very beautiful lake with a waterfall. The water is crystal clear and is drinkable. Raza drinks from it so, I do to.  I’ve decided to name it after the boat we were originally on: The Mazon lakes.

And I think I’ll name this island,  Raza island.

August 8th, 1907, 12:00 a.m.

Happy birthday to me. Today is my birthday. I am turning 19 today. Raza seems very happy about it. I miss the crew, ya’ know? I wonder where they are, what happened to them. Are they castaway like me? I don’t know. Wherever they are, I know that they are safe and sound. One day we will meet again, whether if it’s here, or up there.

September 18th, 1907.  

I don’t know the hour, but I do know that we’re not the only one’s in this island..after all. Raza saw a monkey today in the Marian Jungle ( I also named the jungle) and chased after it. I went running after her. I lost her for a bit, but that’s when I saw her little tail peeking out through a bush. I went inside the bush with her, to discover a civilization was there…we saw them. Men, women and children. I don’t know what language they speak, but it’s best to stay on my side of the island.

January 25th, 1908, 2:13 a.m. 

We have been ambushed. Me and Raza. This island is not safe. I was harvesting fruits when I saw them hunt down a tiger. It was a Panthera tigris balica, or mostly known as a Bali tiger. This tiger is only located in the Indonesian island of Bali… Am I in Indonesia?

Anyways, Raza barked at them, and we ended up being chased by them. We managed to escape, we hid for a while and decided to go back to our beach, which I named Rivera Beach. Our little home was completely destroyed, and our things gone. They raided us. I must find a way to leave now. Iv’e been hiding with my dog in a secrete cave behind the waterfall in Mazon lakes for hours. We have seen them pass by with torches. I never did anything to them. I knew about them, but I never touched their civilization. They are trying to hunt me and Raza down, I must gain my items back now. I know I never raided them, but they raided me, so it’s valid for me to go and raid them and get my things back. After this, I must find a way to leave.

January 26th, 3:15 a.m. 

They have been looking like crazy. I’ve been in here with Raza who to my luck decided to keep quite. I have been planning all day and all night, but it is now time. Let’s go, little Raza. We are going back home today.

I’m inside one of the huts. It is the biggest hut in the little village. There is no one here, they are all out there looking for me. I was thinking of trying to make peace with them, but I have discovered something atrocious. The necklace and hair pin that little Saint Mary would wear along with the clothes of her 17 year old french boyfriend, Aubrey Alexandre de La Roux Rousseau. They ended up on the island….I can’t imagine what they did to them. I took Saint Mary’s necklace and Alexandre’s watch, just in case I am able to get home someday.

….A voice is standing behind me.

Ah! It’s the young Saint Mariet! With her long red hair and natural tan skin! As beautiful as always. She is no longer wearing her beautiful and expensive dresses, though. She ran to me and hugged me, she cried in my shoulders. For the first time ever, she showed happiness to see me and Raza. She kneels down to pet Raza as I took the necklace made out of leaves and flowers she was wearing off and covered her body with the shirt that alexandre was wearing the day of the wreck. She said that the village people kept her and didn’t harm her, but they had killed and eaten Alexandre. We had to get off.

4:51 p.m.

We are running. We are running. We are running. God help us three. Saint Mary said they have lots of boats on the east cost. We are using my compass I recovered to get there. I am hurt, though. One got an arrow in my shoulder. I feel weak. Run little Raza, get Saint Mary to safety, you know what to do. God Save you both.

Tell mother, father and my sister that I love them, Mary. They live in Brighton, London. Mother is a Spanish woman of blue eyes and blonde hair, she works for the queen. You can find my family by our surname, Rivera.

Oh, and Mary, Aubrey Alexandre was going to ask you for marriage before the storm hit us. He always loved you, if he never dared to lay a finger on you, neither did he lay a finger on Mariam Celeste. You were the only one in his eyes.

Farewell, Raza and Saint Mary!

Febuary 1st, 1908, 3:57 p.m. 

I have woken up. I am now home. Saint Mary carried me all the way to the boat and Raza attacked one of the island people. Raza managed to bite one of the peoples face, resulting in her injuring the man and backing off the rest. Mary got me onto a boat and Raza was scaring them off. They managed to escape. They were rescued by a fisherman boat and we were taken to Spain. I didn’t open my eyes for about a week. Until now, I woke up to Raza licking my face.

Saint Mary hugged and cried in my arms. She told me all the story of what happened while she was being held captive by those people. Today I have told her that I must leave to London and that she should head back to Italy. She refuses to leave me, so I will be taking her with me.

5:13 p.m. 

I am at the train station with Mary, Raza resting in her arms. Back to London with my two fellow companions.

Oh boy.



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