Give It To Me

Pleasure comes in all shapes and sizes. Pleasure is gained through many ways. Once a person feels pleasure for the first time, they love it.

Whenever they get the chance to get it, why not? You don’t get pleasure everyday.

In what ways can you get it?Most people think about sexual things when they hear the word pleasure. But that doesn’t mean that you gain it through that way. People get it through fetishes, things they like to see, hear, touch, even eat.

But not all pleasure is sexual. 

It’s like when you eat chocolate, what you feel is pleasure, or when you eat anything in general that you really enjoy, or the sensation of touch of something that you like, or the sound, or the smell. But not all of it is sexual, remember that.

There are different types of pleasures, but in the end, they all go down to being pleasure.

Pleasure is the sensation that you get after being pleased by something ( or someone ). It is the sensation of satisfaction. Maybe talking about this is a bit taboo, but it is actually something very normal, it’s a feeling and we all have feelings, therefore, we all experience the feeling of pleasure.

You don’t need some sexy time to feel it, no. You can eat candy, since candy is known to give that feeling of satisfaction, mostly chocolate. You can listen to a song, watch a movie, read a book, etc. or look/hear something that is aesthetically pleasing.

To me Pleasure is a feeling of satisfaction that can be gained through many ways, even though some people don’t see it like I do. In general, you get pleasure by experiencing something new, or something that you don’t experience often and if you do, then yo try and keep on receiving this pleasure, because pleasure is satisfaction and we all like the feeling of being full-filled.

But overall, pleasure…means love.

You must know what love is, and if you don’t then don’t worry, you’ll find out eventually. Love plays a major role in all of this, without love, there would be no pleasure.

All you need is love. 




….I still haven’t gone outside…just to let you know in case you want a life update….But in all seriousness, pleasure doesn’t have an exact definition/way of getting it in my opinion. Like the main character in the YouTube series Salad Fingers (warning: Salad Fingers may be found creepy to some viewers! Clicking on the link will take you to YouTube where you can watch the episodes.) who has a fetish for rusty spoons…. He loves them!

Pleasure is made of love, everyone knows that love has no age or nothing it just hits you when you don’t expect it, sometimes it goes great sometimes it doesn’t. Oh well, that’s how life works!

And I just had a Deja Vu.

















2 thoughts on “Give It To Me

  1. Haha indeed! The word is usually linked to sex wait-
    How old are you again? If I recall correctly, you’re still a teenager… Damn, kids these days hehe.

    Well, hormones are running wild so can’t blame y’all that much but just be careful when you’re around boys. Teenage boys are very sensitive to this “Sex” thing and for actual reasons too such as “Reputation”, psychological state (Self-Esteem) and naturally, pleasure- Just to name a few.

    It’s probably for the girls too but whatever it is, it’s prudent to keep a level headed mindset and always remember there are more to life than sex- which judging by your article, you already know that so that’s good 😉

    Just, beware of them little buggers who may try to be funny. I kinda understand how your parents feel now lol. You’re not even my daughter and I’m already this worried… If I do have a daughter in future?

    She might hate me hah!

    So anywho, to me, pleasure is linked to happiness. If you enjoy doing something, for one, lets say play the guitar? It’s definitely linked to an experience which made you love doing that in the first place.

    Perhaps you saw your favorite artist play and sing. He/she seems to be getting a good respond and you love how the music made you feel. You pickup the guitar and proceeds to replicate the same result which you do and you feel fabulous about it as you play it. Awesome.

    However, we must also take note. Just as how in morality, where we will always have our own answers to things? Pleasure has 2 sides (Right/wrong) to it as well.

    An example of such morality answers to things is the “Heinz Dilemma’ which goes something like this:
    [Scenario 1]
    You see a man robbing a store.
    As he is running away, he stumbles past you. He didn’t notice you.
    You remember his face very clearly.
    Will you report him to the police? Why/Why not?

    [Scenario 2]
    Same situation as the above but this time with a twist.
    The man is an acquaintance of yours. Perhaps someone whom you’ve met while you were out with your friends.
    Will you report him? Why/ Why not?

    [Scenario 3]
    Same situation as 1. However, this time, the twist is this:
    You know the robber. He is your brother, cousin or uncle.
    You know his story:
    He needs money for his wife’s surgery and that’s the only way for him to get it.
    Will you report him? Why/ Why not?

    Phew, topics on morality tend to be real tiring for me lol and I hope that wasn’t difficult to comprehend haha. So my point, just as the above mentioned morality dilemma, pleasure has the same concept as well.

    Sex is mostly seen as a pleasurable thing however, most aren’t aware of this but there exist some people who detests sex- for their own good reasons too!
    Just as how some would love to eat vegetables, others may find that disgusting. We live in a fascinating world, don’t we?

    But ultimately, I agree with you as well. Love makes the world go round. Especially when its a mutual love relationship with a life partner 😉
    Ah, love. Breaking hearts and fixing broken souls at the same time. You haven’t got a boyfriend yet, have you? I’m guessing no cause your dad would probably have a say on this “Issue” already lol!

    Anywho- if you are interest, I’ve actually made a video on the topic of happiness (Secret to happiness!) and I’m actually still uploading it as we speak lol! As soon as it is fully uploaded? (After approximately 1 hour after this comment is posted. Make it 1-2 hours.)

    It can be found right here:

    Should you check it out? Do let me know what you think of it 🙂

    If not, have a nice weekend bud. Talk again soon!

    Your pal,

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    1. Yeah, I agree with that, morality is a bit complicated, sometimes you don’t know whats right or wrong. In the situation about the bank robbery when you know the person who did it and his or her reasons, it’s a relly tough choice to take. I wouldn’t even know what would be right or wrong to do, as everything has it’s consequences. Sometimes people confuse pleasure with obsession, also. But I agree that pleasure is happiness. ^^ And everyone can have happiness, not necessarily in a sexual way, like you said, they can pick up a guitar or hear their favorite singers, etc. And yes, I know about boys xD My dad had a whole conversation with me when I had my first boyfriend, but I’m not dating at the moment! Sure, I would love to check out your video! Thanks for the link and I’ll let ya know! have a nice weekend, too!

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