The Clouds in the Sky

The clouds in the sky.

They don’t really care about us.

Well, some do.

But others don’t.

They just sit there, floating in the sky.

Float, float, float.

Some do us a favor by giving us rain.

But others, not so much of a favor.

Some even cause major issues with their rain.

Some block the harsh sun from us.

Others get out of the suns way so that it can hit you.

Clouds do believe in karma.

But they also believe in the good in the world.

That’s why clouds are friendly.

Most of the time.

You see them in the sky everyday.

But sometimes you don’t.

Maybe they ran away from you.

Maybe they went to visit someone who needs them.

Or maybe they went to ruin someone’s weeding.

Or make it better.

Maybe they wanted you to see the beautiful blue sky.

But the sky is a different story.

Clouds are part of nature.

But then again nature hates you.

But then again not every single thing in nature wants you dead.


Clouds do love us.

They’re just a bit mischievous.

Sometimes they go a bit beyond mischievous, though.

But who knows, maybe on top of the clouds are those who have passed on.

Watching over us.

I don’t know.

Just a theory.

They’re still beautiful, though.

Clouds are clouds.



Get cloud insurance.  You never know….



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