Please Let Me Go

When the bell rings, it is time to go. Friends gather around and start to make plans to go out, enjoy life and have fun. You really want to go but, there’s a problem: parents.

As a young student still living with her parents (Naturally, I’m a teenager) I am not exactly permitted to leave the house. My mother kind of puts limits, but my father is a different story. My dad doesn’t let me go out anywhere. My mom well, she is still a bit considerate and decides to think about it. Sometimes I go out somewhere without my dad knowing, though. My mother has set a curfew that I kinda don’t really use because I never leave the house…I have no reason to soooo…why go outside?

Anyways, There’s lots of things that I’m not allowed to do but that I have done. One of them is dying my hair. My dad told me that I could dye it just once and no more, no touch ups, no re-dying once the color faded, nothing….well…I kept on dying my hair the same color which is this intense red color for like, the past 3 months without my dad knowing. Sometimes he would stare at me and I had to leave the room quickly before he mentioned my hair or something. But, dying my hair isn’t the only thing.

I have also gone out to places without him knowing. I have to be home before him. Now of course my mother knows about me dying my hair and leaving the house without him knowing. Luckily he doesn’t know but…oh well, one day it will happen and that day is coming soon since I will re-dye my hair which has now faded into a dark red. I will be re-dying it cherry red so, yeah no way to hide that. Even though I may do things without him knowing, there are somethings that he must know about. For example, if I’m going to a party or a friends house I must let him know so that he can pick me up and  know where the fuck I am ( Sorry for the word ). Of course at first he says no but I manage to convince. If it’s a school event though, there’s no problem but if it isn’t school, then I will just stay home and sit in front of my laptop.

Of course, I do have a certain time to get home. If i’m not home at that hour, sucks for me. I get 15 minutes of tolerance because you never know if you delay, but if it’s past those 15 minutes, yeah that ain’t good.

Now, I know exactly why my parents do this. It’s because they care and they want me to be safe. And honestly, ever since I started high school my parents have given me a bit more freedom. All I have to do is ask permission, go to wherever I wanna go if I am given the permission to do so and once I’m coming home or ready to leave I just call to my house phone to let mom and dad know that I’m on my way. Now, personally I don’t like to stay out past 7:00 because it starts to get dark so I make sure to get home before that hour. Actually, I don’t really go out that much by myself or with friends anyways xD . But when I do, my parents can trust me. My parents of course must know where I’m going and with who and they must have the phone number of one of my friends who are going with me, or if possible the phone number of every one of them. I must also go out with somebody they know and honestly I wouldn’t go out with someone I just met, nope. I prefer to get to know them first. It’s more fun that way!

So, basically. The more I’m growing up, the more I realize that my parents are letting me go out a bit more. At first I did feel very deprived of many things. But that’s just part of growing up! We have all gone through this! I’m very grateful to have such loving and caring parents, they just want me to be safe and honestly, I like to stay at home! xD Sometimes I’m lazy to even go out with friends but hey, I’m up to it. It’s always a great idea to go and hang out and do vandalism and smoke and drink and drug each other and rob a store!

OBVIOUSLYYYY I’M JOKING. Good girls like me don’t do that! Even though I have drinked and smoked before but I’m  a teenager….(?) Soon that excuse will no longer work. But seriously, I have done it, but I don’t do it all the time or every now and then. I don’t know how people can get hooked up and addicted to it. I know that some do it for depression and some because they want to be Kool Katz spelled with a K and a Z. But not me! Nope! I don’t see the addicting part of it. :v

I think that sometimes people do these type of things because they see it happening in the family and/or since they are too deprived about it, when the opportunity comes they take it. Which is what I did.  Which I feel guilty about because my parents trust me and there I was not behaving. There’s a first and last time for everything, I guess. I don’t like it when guilt approaches me. It makes me depressed and kinda makes me go crazy. Lesson learned.

So there you have it. The post of today. If your parents don’t let you do certain things, it’s because they care about you and love you. They want to protect you. Yes, they may seem strict and all but it’s for a reason. Maybe you’re not old enough, so instead of complaining be happy about it, because other people wished that they could have such caring parents. Of course, we all deserve a bit of freedom especially during the young age when we decide to rebel against our parents and start a gang with our friends and go eat some ice cream together. There’s lots of danger and violence out there, so be careful, be smart. You have to learn the good and the bad, that includes the type of friends you have. Just think about it.

And for all of you future parents or already-parents, make sure to have your kids controlled and to not let them get out of hand because once they are left for a bit of time, it will be hard to get them back.

Sorry if this kind of seemed contradictional, but that’s kind of how these type of situations work out. Not for everybody, of course.

By the way, I’m 15 years old.


4 thoughts on “Please Let Me Go

  1. It’s heartwarming to read of such loving parents and family. Not everyone has that and definitely not everyone is nice and growing up into a mature adult like you too 😉

    I personally do smoke once in a blue moon and fortunately, like you, I didn’t get addicted and could not fathom out the reason to that. I have friends who are seriously hooked and the reason they gave were mainly “Stress”. My take on it then is that everyone has their own way of dealing with stress.

    Some play video games, some binge eat whatever they can find in their refrigerator, some drink and some smoke. Whatever it is that helps us sleep at night, no? 😉

    Nice article 🙂

    Don’t do drugs.

    Your pal,

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    1. Haha yup! I consider myself very lucky and I agree with you, people are always trying to find a way to feel better, sometimes in bad ways, sometimes in good ways.
      Nope, drugs ain’t an option for me! xD
      Thanks! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m in my teenage years too and I relate to another one of your articles! It’s kinda the opposite for me though, my mom is really strict while my dad actually thinks it over once and then bam! I can go (haha) but of course my mom will butt in and disagree. Anyways, great writing!

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