Nicole Diary Leafy Manicure

Ain’t these beautiful? They remind me of the world that’s out there and it’s natural beauty. What do you think?

I have recently been sent a few packs of Water Decals for nails from new company Nicole Diary who have both Amazon & Aliexpress online stores.  I chose this leaf design because it is a colour that I hardly ever wear and it looked lovely & fresh.

The decals applied well, you just cut to size, soak in water so that the backing slides away, place the decals on your nails and trim to fit perfectly. Finally top coat to keep it in place for as long as you want your manicure. Ta Da!!! Done.

I used a combo of green polishes to come up with this colour as I didn’t have an exact match. I used Alessandro ‘Call Me Hero!’ and
Morgan Taylor ‘Ivy Applique’ All finished with my go to Seche Vite top coat.

You can buy this product from here

Nicole diary leaves

* Please note that the seller has provided me…

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