I Will Go Down with this Ship.

~*Please note that his has nothing to do with boats. It has to do with the amazing world of the internet. .~* 

” I will go down with this ship”

                                                                   -Dan Howell, a.k.a. Danisnotonfire.

I have something to admit. I ship people. Now, if you don’t know what this means, then run and don’t ever come back. Don’t ever look back just, go. Hurry before you can never leave again.

Alright with that being said here it is:

Ship: When you want two people to be in a relationship, usually fictional characters or celebrities/When you like the idea of a romantic relationship in between two fictional   characters and/or celebrities. People who “Ship” their favorite characters from shows or favorite celebrities are usually part of fandom’s. Great, now I gotta explain what a fandom is.

Fandom: It’s when you’re a fan of someone or something, so you like, join in with the others fans of this person or thing. Together you create, a fandom. ❤

I know it may not make sense but, trust me. Once you join a fandom, you will see. So, for example, most of the Friends fandom ( Friends is a show by the way, i’m pretty sure you know this. If not, then oh well.) used to ship Rachel and Ross. Well, that ship no longer exist since in the end they got together so, the Rachel and Ross shippers can die in peace now.

So, you may be asking, who do you ship? Well, my most favorite ship that makes me just die a little inside is Phan. Dan Howell + Phil Lester= Phan. Shippers of Phan are also known as the “Phandom”. And here I present to you another important component of shipping characters. The name of the ship is usually a mixture of the two characters names for example the Phandom which is Dan+Phil. Phan. We also have Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from the popular boy band One Direction which Harry+Louis create the ship name of “Larry”. Now, lots of people can ship themselves with a character, person, celebrity whatever. I ship myself with Dan Howell. I discovered my first ship when I used to ship Rin Kagamine with Len Kagamine. I mean hey, technically no one knows if they’re related. Crypton Future Media just said that they can be whatever the fans want them to be SO ITS NOT WEIRD.

Now, you may ask yourself: Why do people do this?

I don’t know. It just happens.

Another popular question is: Do these relationships even exist?

Well, sometimes it’s like an impossible love that’s there, it can be two best friends who don’t see the romance in between them but their fans do, maybe they don’t accept their love because to them it may not exist but to the public it does and blah blah blah it’s just a huge explosion.

You may also ask yourself: How does it happen?

Well, it can happen whether you seeing it with your own eyes and feeling the intense love between two persons or fictional characters or whatever or you might find out about it through internet, friends or family. Now, Shipping also includes….Fanfiction.

Oh no. Not the fanfics.

Fanfiction: A fictional love story that can have a theme to it or not written by fans of a certain fandom in which the two people who are being shipped are the main protagonist and usually involves hot steamy sex.

I can’t lie to you. Usually, if a fanfic doesn’t involve anything erotic then kissing and hugs and/or cute stuff and scenarios will do. But once again, I can’t lie to you. Most fans of a fandom prefer a fanfic that involves some sexy time in between the characters. Some fanfics are good, some are interesting, some are fantastic, others are boring, some are erotic, some are cute, some are sad and others are just plain “What the fuck”.

And no. Not every single one of a fandom member is perverted.

So, with this said, it is very hard to run away from this. Once you join a fandom, you will never leave. Unless if you grow out of it or discover a new fandom. But it will haunt you, and once you discover a ship in between some other t.v. show characters like I don’t know, Doctor Who or something ( Which by the way, it does exist) then you can move on. Just remember that there is a fandom for every celebrity, Youtuber, show, cartoon, movie, musicians, everything.

even you…ship yourself with someone.

Unless if you’re a normal human being that lives a happy and normal life and actually goes outside instead of staying home refreshing your Tumblr dashboard for more gifs and fan art of your most favorite impossible love that is obviously there existing in between these two characters.

awe great now I have to explain what fan art is.

Fan Art: Fan drawings of their favorite show or person or whatever. Don’t forget the fan service.

Fan Service: Material in a work of fiction or in a fictional series which is intentionally added to please the audience.

I need to go outside.

So yeaaaah! “Shipping” is pretty normal. It’s like sending away your favorite couple on a nice and lovely, romantic voyage…which was today’s daily prompt.


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