Awe, you tried.

Awe, look at you! All grown up! Think you can be independent now! Well, at least you wanna try.

Awe, whats wrong? Don’t have any place to sleep? Why don’t you follow your adult instincts? go and try.

Awe, you did it! Good job, now you have a mattress on the floor to sleep on! Why not find a way to pay it, now?

Awe, what happen? No one wants to hire you? I though you were all mature and grown up! Well, keep trying.

Awe, you found yourself a decent job. Now, just try and keep it.

Awe, are you stressed? Why not go out and have fun? You are independent, now. Do whatever you want! Just try it out.

Awe, you had a great time! But also a bit too much drinks. Well, you irresponsible fool, get to bed.

Awe, whats wrong? You lost your job? Oops. Try again!

Awe, looks like you met someone special, dude! Try and get her!

Awe, look at you two. So happy and sure of everything. How beautiful. Now, just try to keep on going.

Awe, whats this? She cheated on you? Well, too bad. Now what?

Awe, dude…violence doesn’t really solve anything, ya know…? Well, I guess you can try.


Awe, you made her sleep! Good thing you tried!


Awe, dude…I think you tried a little to hard.

Well, at least you did it. Good job. You fucked up. That’s what you get for trying. What did your parents and school even teach you? This is why you should never try certain things until you’re ready.

Awe, you’re still cute though.


….So yeah. This was inspired by Twenty One Pilots. I don’t know what’s gotten into me, my writing style has been a bit dark recently. But hey, at least i’m trying out new writing styles that I never knew I had! Awe, I’m trying!….that was supposed to be a pun intended. Which was horrible. Looks like I…tried too hard! Hahaha ba dum tss!….okay, I think I’ll stop with the extremely horrible puns.

THE POINT IS that I’m actually trying out something that is new to me, which would be writing. I have been writing this blog for about 3 months and I have discovered that I actually have the capacity and creativity to write! Like, wow.  I love it. I just enjoy having something to do that I love and that I enjoy.

There’s nothing wrong with trying! Which was the moral of this story, to go out and try new things. Just don’t try to hard..? I don’t know but…well you get the message, right?

Thanks for reading~!


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