Aimless Amy

“In your hate-I have found God.

In your sin-I have found Love.

In your faith-I have found forgiveness.

                                                –In this Moment.

Aimless Amy is aimless. She is aimless in love, she is aimless in school, she is aimless in life. Her family doesn’t understand, her friends don’t care. She is just simply aimless. Today Amy was heading for school. Then she got distracted. Aimless Amy takes another path. Oh well, she’s aimless anyway. She ran into a cute boy. He took her out to lunch. Amy decides to go with him. Why not? He talks pretty to her and she falls in love. Oh, Amy. He takes her back to his place. Nice aim, Amy! The cute guy tries to seduce her. Amy falls for him. Amy loves him, and he loves her. Amy returns home to tell her best friend, but her friend doesn’t care. Time goes by and Amy and the cute boy are very happy. Maybe this time she aimed correctly at love! She started to improve her grades, also. She’s aiming correctly at her education, too! Aimless Amy finally is learning to aim successfully.


One day, Amy decides to visit the cute boy. Amy takes a shortcut. Amy sees the cute boy from a distance, and smiles. She walks to him, but then her best friend walks towards the cute boy and kisses him. How could she!? Oh no, poor Amy.  Amy cries, and goes back home. I guess that after all she is still aimless. Now she knows why her friend never cared about her relationship. Amy decides to aim for revenge. She knows what she’s doing, right? Amy decides to go a store, and buys with daddy’s money a present for the cute boy and her best friend. Amy goes towards her friends house. Luckily, her boyfriend and so called best friend are home! Amy walks to the front door, knocks and is let inside by her friend. The Cute boy bursts up as he sees her walk in. What a surprise visit!  Amy decides to take her present out of her bag. Amy’s cute boyfriend stands still and shocked. Her friend opens her eyes widely. Wow, Amy sure knows how to pick the things that people love! Amy decides to hold her present up in front of her with her two hands. She extends her arms forward, and decides to aim her present at one of them, lets see who receives the present first. Amy aims at her friend, and puts her finger on a trigger that her present has. She lets go of the trigger. She then aims for the cute boy, and does the same.

Wow, looks like aimless Amy isn’t that aimless after all! She finally, aimed correctly.


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