Perfect is an Illusion

“I don’t wear that much makeup”-Ugh.

“I only wear the necessary”-Eew.

“I like my body type”-No.

“I think my hair is nice”-Nope.

“My chest size doesn’t matter”-That’s what you think.

“I’m a very nice person”-No friends.

“But I’m too pale”-yep!

“And I’m too dark”-True.

“Maybe a spray tan?”-Yes.

“Bleaching creams?”-Best choice!

“Speaking about bleaching, I don’t like my hair color”-Me neither.

“Blonde, maybe?”-Perfect choice!

“Silicone implants!”-Yes bae, yes!

“I’m too fat”-Finally you realize!

“I don’t like my lips, I’ll get injections”- They don’t hurt.

“I hate my clothes”-Spend daddy’s money.

“That boy asked me out!”-It’s because you’re pretty!

“Am I perfect to you?”- Not yet.

“Do you love me?”-I adore you.

“Do you think I’m pretty?”-Of course, darling.

“He used me…”-Tweet it!

“Said I’m too fake..”-Fake is the new beauty!

“Said I’m too much of a bitch…”-Bitches are the popular.

“I think it’s true..”-Don’t think it, believe it.

“…I need more makeup…”-Don’t buy the cheap.

“…Maybe more silicone implants…”-Enhance your stunning body!

“…I need a new hair color that makes me seem younger…”-Ash brown, perhaps?

“These bleaching creams are not working anymore…”-Use them excessively!

“My spray tan isn’t dark enough”-Tanning beds are nice to sleep in.

“I’m too fat!”-Diet pills?

“I’m all out”-Puking is a good way.

“Why do I look this awful?”-You don’t look awful at all!

“I’m starting to look older…”-Mascara and glitter help out.

“I look unhealthy..”-Party a bit more!

“I’m getting weaker…”-Alcohol gets you back up.

“My face is starting to get wrinkles…”-Keep up the Botox!

“I don’t want to continue eating…”-Don’t it’s bad for you.

“I just want to be completely perfect…”-You’re almost to the finish line.

“Where am I?”-In a hospital, hun.

“Am I still beautiful?”-Yes, you are.

“Where am I now?”- Dead.

“Do I look good in black?”-You look stunning!

“Am I finally perfect to you?”-Yes, you are finally Perfect!

Perfection is an illusion when thought of it incorrectly. Perfection is devious and persuasive. It is challenging and  makes you do things just to see how much you are capable of doing and until where you will stop.

So….what is perfection? I believe that perfection comes in different packages, and that each of them are special and unique in their own way which already makes them perfect and perfect to others, sadly some of them don’t think the same, and in desperation to see the illusion of perfection, they attempt to create it, which sometimes gets out of hand.

What is perfection to you?

6 thoughts on “Perfect is an Illusion

  1. I really liked this post. Perfection is a loose term and it varies per individual. Nice take on how society’s pressure to be a certain way makes it near to impossible to be ‘perfect’!

    Liked by 2 people

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