The City Within Me

There is a city within me, within my eyes it reflects. There is a city within me, where everything is perfect. Where my alter ego can live happily.There is a city within me, where violence is not real, where equality rules and everybody is always happy. There is a city within me, where colors reflect onto my brown skin and wind blows into my red hair as I walk through the cities five star clothing boutiques and restaurants that are affordable to anyone and libraries filled with the essence of old books and music of all kind play on the streets. There is a city within me, where no one judges and money is nothing but a piece of paper that kids use to play around in school with. There is a city within me where love doesn’t care about gender, religion, looks, anything. There is a city within me, where love is not a fear. Love is beautiful and comes in many styles, shapes, colors and sizes. I want to be part of this city forever, but I may only visit it in my imagination at certain times, mostly when I sleep. I dream about it, what a perfect world. There is no such thing as racism, hunger, poorness, richness, discrimination, violence, there is no such thing as fear in this city. There is a city within me, where night clubs are places where people of all kinds can go and dance. Dance in circles, dance wildly, dance without a single thought and be filled with energy and joy. A place where you can be you and share it with other people. Dance around with strangers who are your friends at the same time. Dance like if it’s a ritual. Where you can experience sexuality and love. All of this is in this city. I wonder if this will ever become reality, but I doubt it. I guess that the world is what we make it, isn’t it? And with the world, the cities that we visit, that we live in, that we grow up in. To me, all cities are beautiful. I love all the lights and the colors, and in cities I feel safe surrounded by many people of all different types. The sad thing is, that behind all those city lights hides the truth. But then again…there is no such thing as perfect. There is always something that ruins it. What is perfect without corruption? This, is reality.

There is a city within me, where I am happy.


I hope you enjoyed this! This was inspired by the recent Orlando shooting events and is dedicated to all those who lost their lives or were injured in the shooting that took place on June 12th in Orlando, Florida at a gay bar and also dedicated to Christina Grimmie a.k.a. Zeldaxlove64 who was a singer and Youtuber who died at the age of 22 this past June 10th who was murdered by a man with a gun who shot her at her meet and greet after a concert she held. Many lives where taken this past weekend, but all of those beautiful souls are now living in this city of eternal happiness and joy, dancing together without any worries. May all of those beautiful eyes who were closed forever in this world be opened once again in this city. Wherever they are, it doesn’t matter because they are now happy for all eternity.

R.I.P. all of the people who lost their lives this past weekend and/or week. You may all be remembered and stay in our hearts until we meet again soon. 

Praise and love your life.

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