Stop Yulin Dog Slaughter Festival!

So I was going through my Facebook news feed when I came across an article talking about a “Dog meat festival”. Warning, as this post contains stressing images.


I was a bit surprised and decided to read it when I found out about this horrible event that will be taking place this weekend. This festival takes place in Yulin, a city in China’s Guangxi Autonomous Region. Every year thousands of dogs and cats are tortured and slaughtered brutally in public in order to make some traditional dish that’s suppose to stave off the winter. According to my knowledge and the heat waves, i’m pretty sure that it’s not winter anymore but maybe in other places it is I don’t know but that’s not the point. Dogs and cat’s are cramped up in little spaced cages with about 200 dogs in every cage and transported by trucks to Yulin. These animals spend days without food and/or water in this extremely cramped up space which causes many to die beforehand, but the others who survive get tortured and brutally slaughtered in front of the other scared animals and in public in many ways. Skinned alive, throat slit, etc. Many of these dogs are stolen pets. Many of them still have their tags and collars on them which makes you realize that most of the animals are stolen. The owners must be searching the streets and putting up “Lost” posters when actually, their dogs are being jammed up in a cage and taken under horrible living conditions to then be killed and eaten.

Dogs being held in cages for the Yulin Dog meat festival. Notice how the dog in the center has a collar on? 

The HSI ( Humane Society International) has been fighting to end this cruel event. With 10,000 dogs slaughtered yearly. The Yulin authorities have claimed to not take part in this horrifying event and will not allow it, but the people who do take part in this will continue to go forward. Many people in China and across the world have been fighting to stop this, with internet petitions and many brave people from organizations and/or chinese residents or just simply people against this in general,  have been sent/going to Yulin, stopping these trucks by getting in their way with the loaded animals and not letting them go forward. They have been feeding and rescuing dogs and cats. There are many organizations trying to put an end to this, I will link them all down below along with the sites in which I found these images so you can go and read more about it.


But apparantly, this dog and cat slaughter also takes place in daily life in Yulin, with slaughter houses and dog meat farms being shut down over the years for animal cruelty and health violations since yulin was one of the top 10 cities in china responsible for human rabies. I can see that dogs are the ones that are mostly used in this other than cats, but they are both still innocent animals and they cannot be treated in this awful way. As an animal lover, with cats being my favorite, I feel that this is something that has gone too far and for it to happen annually and no way to stop it, it’s ridiculous. 11 million signatures from numerous petitions were presented to the Chinese government, who have been the responsible for closing down the slaughter houses and dog meat farms I mentioned before. Yulin authorities claimed not knowing of this event until recently, in which these past 2 years the number of slaughter has decreased, but it is still quite a big number. A dog isn’t a mans best food, it’s a mans best friend! Why would somebody do this type of thing? It is very sad and disappointing. This festival is leaving an awful mark over China.

Chinese citizens as well as citizens in other parts of the world are taking part of this to stop this awful, horrifying, terrible event forever. Please take a minute to go read a bit more about all of this and to sign the petition(s).

stop yulin

Links to Organizations:

Stop Yulin Forever:

HSI (Humane Society International):
Links to Petitions:
  1. – The Animal Rescue Petition
  2. Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival!
  3. End The Yulin Dog Meat Festival
  4. Humane Society Internacional Sign the Petition against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival
  5. URGENT: Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Links to Information: These will take you to the sites post from where I got the information from.

Links to Pictures used in this Blog post: Please note that none of the images used in this post are mine.

First picture:×336.jpg  taken from:

Second picture:×675.jpg taken from:

Third picture: taken from:

Please take a moment to visit any site that I listed and/or sign any petition. If you can, sign all of them, we need as many people as we can and it doesn’t matter which petition you sign or how many, they all help out. Please help spread the word and save these poor innocent animals from suffering painfully. If you have a dog or a cat or whatever animal or is an animal lover like me, please help out. It only takes a minute or less to sign a petition. Every signature counts. 🙂

Stop this animal cruelty! 

Thank you for reading.


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