About me

Karuchan reporting! So I was laying down thinking what to write about in today’s blog post, so I decided to talk a bit about myself, why not get to know each other?

Alright! So, my real name shall be unknown for now. I was born in Manhattan, New York at about 6:21 am which might explain why I like to get up in the mornings, I’m a morning baby idk. I come from Mexican parents. I moved to mexico with my mother after mom and dad split up when I was like about 2 years old. In Mexico my mom met this dude who then became my stepfather and he is the one who I see as my paternal figure, he’s always been there for me and my mother. We moved to Las Vegas, Nevada when I was 4 years old and the 3 of us started a new life as a family. In the year of 2006 my first sister was born, a year later my youngest sibling was born. We are 3 children, all girls, all from the month of august including my dad ( step dad, but I see him as my real dad) Me and my dad were born on the same day, August 8th. My first sister was born the 25th and my second sister was born the 15th of the same month: August.  I grew up in Las Vegas and lived there until the age of 12. After that me and my family moved to mexico due to my fathers job. I finished middle school here in Mexico and I am now in a very prestigious high school studying technical programming.

My favorite colors are black, because black is simply black and has no other shade, because it goes with everything, it’s a very dark and mysterious color. I also love all types of blues, because they’re all sad, nostalgic, melancholic but at the same time bring me happiness. After those colors, I like purple and pink, but not as much as black and blue’s.

My fashion sense I guess it started when I was younger and started going through my emo phase…cringe attack, after that i went through my goth, visual kei and lastly, scene phase…mega cringe attack. After all those crazy phases I just kinda chilled down and then realized that my mom was right, It was just a phase. But some of that is still with me, as my fashion choice is a hipster-grunge look. My favorite lipstick colors are intense red and dark lip colors, I dye my hair cherry red, I like my clothes to have a grunge/hipster look to it, etc.

My favorite type of music is heavy metal, post-hardcore, nu metal. My favorite band of all time is Pierce The Veil. My favorite song by them would be Hold on Till May. Other of my favorite bands would be Slipknot, Asking Alexandria, Sleeping With Sirens, Iron Maiden, in between others. I also really like Lady Gaga. I was a mega huge fan of her when I was 9 years old (..) and I still am to this day honestly. She is one of the few pop artist that I really enjoy! She is actually one of my most favorite singers of all time, she is amazing in many ways, very creative I just…i love her. I also really like the singer Grimes. She is very artistic and unique. She does experimental music along with pop.

My hobbies are listening to music, drawing, painting, crafting, reading, playing video games and recent hobby has been writing this blog. I have been drawing for 6 years now, I learned to paint in watercolors as well as coloring with colored pencils and pastels along the way. I have learned to draw and paint/color by myself. I started drawing by watching anime. I also love creating as in, ya know, DIY’s. I love making dream catchers, I love knitting, I love art’s and crafts, I’m quite creative.

My favorite subjects in school are programming, biology, chemistry, all types of math. <y favorite video games would be Bayonetta, Tetris, Contra and The sims in general especially The Sims 2 for the PSP because it is not like your usual sims gameplay, this version has a story to it and you must save the town from this wacky professor! I also enjoy anime and manga. My favorite animes are Black Butler a.k.a. Kuroshitsuji, SAO ( Sword Art Online) and Ouran High School Host Club being my #1 favorite. My favorite manga of all time is Absolute Boyfriend, it’s just so sweet and lovely. If only real life was like that.

My favorite youtubers are Danisnotonfire a.k.a. Dan Howell, Amazingphil a.k.a. Phil Lester, Pewdiepie and Onision. I’m actually thinking of creating my own Youtube channel also. :3

My favorite food is Macaroni and Cheese cuz….inner child. My favorite fruits are bananas, apples and grapes. My favorite vegetables are tomatoes, lettuce and spinach. Yes, i enjoy the taste of spinach. I do not really enjoy eating meat, my families diet is mostly vegetables, grains, fruits and dairy products. I only eat ham and sausage and other meat products depends on the dish/food that it has been made in. Does that make sense?

I’m mostly an introverted person, I don’t really like to socialize unless if someone chooses to socialize with me, but at times I am a very sociable person but most of the time, no. I enjoy spending time at home, I like to spend time with friends but sometimes I just don’t want to. I get sad a lot and I know that I may seem like a happy person once you get to know me but, I’m actually quite quiet and get sad, but due to me being a strong person I don’t really like to share my problems with anybody not even close friends or family members. I keep it all to myself and no I don’t always try to maintain a smile. All of my friends thought that I was a bitch and a bully before getting to know me. maybe it’s because I mostly like to keep a straight face unless if i’m around someone special. xD

It’s just crazy me!!! I love technology and spending time on the internet, I love to dance so much and I like to day dream and just, create my imagination. 🙂  I can never become someone that I am not. It wouldn’t feel right because I am me and that will never change. No matter how many times I try, I will always be me.

Simply Karuchan, a Misunderstood Girl.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to check out other post as well! It helps out a lot! ❤


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