Self acceptance

Self acceptance is a problem that everyone has gone through at least once in their lives. Who ever says that they have always loved themselves, is lying. We have all gone through this. This is a bit of my experience.

As a teenager, I’ve gone through this many times. Lately not anymore. I have learned to love myself and I see myself as very beautiful and I am now happy with who I am, but not just because I like to dye my hair and wear makeup doesn’t mean that i’m not happy with myself, which is something that bothers me about society.

So, what exactly does ‘self acceptance’ mean to people? I think that it varies from mind to mind. The definition for it is:

Accepting who you are, what you are. Being happy with yourself.

But honestly, does this really mean anything? I mean, there is people who don’t like to be fat or skinny, tall or short, etc. But sometimes, self acceptance goes beyond it. Like me for instance, I already mentioned it but it’s true. I love to dye my hair red and I started wearing makeup in high school because I like it, not because I feel like I need it forever. I wear makeup because I want to, because I like the idea of spending time on myself and I just love having a routine to follow and more. But I have gone to school, out with friends, etc. without makeup. I look good with and without it. This seems to happen to many girls who get judged for wearing makeup and/or dying their hair, even for the type of clothes they wear. Just because they do things doesn’t mean that they do it for everybody to accept them. But then again, their is people who do.

This mostly happens to females. When girls feel fat, some go to extreme levels. Others, like me, might feel too skinny so they start trying to gain weight. Some don’t like their appearance, so they start wearing pounds of makeup, wearing dramatic clothes, styling their hair in certain ways and when they realize, they can no longer see themselves in the mirror how they actually look. I am naturally skinny, I do exercise to maintain myself, but there was a period in which I stopped doing it and started trying to gain weight. I felt too skinny. I would see myself in the mirror and I would see myself too wimpy. This only lasted a period of time after giving up since I realized that i couldn’t gain weight. I’m just naturally skinny, It’s not easy for me to gain weight. But it hasn’t been only weight, but also my skin color. I am a woman of color. My skin color is a light, natural brown tan. I used to buy creams and lotions that were supposed to make my skin lighter. I then abandoned them since I realized they were bad for my skin and left them. Apart from them not working, there just a waste of money and hey, whats so bad about skin colors? It’s skin! We all have skin! And what about the color? It’s just a color. To me all skin colors are beautiful and no one should be left out or criticized about it. It’s not a person’s fault if their skin color is light or dark.

Same with body types. We all have a body type and well, some are bigger some are smaller some are thinner some are curvier. So what!? What’s so bad about it that makes society go crazy? Does it insult you? Does it offend you? No. Stop it. I personally think that this is due to all the media like t.v. that we see nowadays and is a part of our daily life. We always see these thin, attractive people on t.v. But that’s television, not the real world. get over it. Not everybody will be picture perfect because in reality, nobody is. Stop abusing people mentally, verbally and sometimes physically just because of something like body type, skin color, hair color, religion, etc. and if you don’t do it, then congrats, please don’t start. It feels horrible when someone shame’s you. I know from experience. We are all human beings and we all deserve to be treated equally no matter what, because we are all different.

Luckily I managed to go past all of my insecurities-from body type, to skin color. I honestly love myself. i have learned to appreciate who I am. I wear makeup and dye my hair because it is a part of me, and my style. 😉 But i have no problem with my natural beauty, which is something that we all have but don’t know how to appreciate it. I am no longer scared of what people think of me and how I achieved this was by just giving up on all my insecurities and to just-go out there. If you can’t do this, if you don’t feel confident enough then don’t worry. Everything goes at it’s pace. Do it all at your own speed and go to people such as a school counselor, a friend, parents, cousin, internet, anything or anyone that can get you to feel better about yourself. Just remember that you are beautiful no matter what people say. It doesn’t matter if you’re fat, skinny, tall, short, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, black, white, anything. If someone is judging you for this or more then don’t listen to them. Stand up for yourself or ignore them because the reason why people pick on others is because they feel just like how you feel . Whether man or woman, There is only one of you, you are unique in this world.Be grateful of who you are!

And once again, you’re beautiful. remember that.

Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful night~

Love, Karuchan.


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